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Emotional Chatbot, Detectron, Deep Learning Course, Google Free GPU,…

On People…
Development on a chatbot that can better understand emotions from conversation - Link

On Code and Data…
Popular deep learning library, PyTorch, celebrates its 1st anniversary and shares a year of remarkable growth and wide community adoption - Link

Detectron - Facebook’s state-of-the-art objection detection - Link
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On Education and Research…
A new course on deep learning goes open to the public, which includes notes, links, and other resources - Link

A great paper summarizing the current research being done in sentiment analysis, specifically with the use of sentiment analysis - Link

Understanding why Neural networks are important for NLP tasks: implications and thoughts - Link

Transfer Learning for NLP (Guide) - Link

Emotional Chatting Machine: Emotional Conversation Generation with Internal and External Memory - Link

Interesting guide released on using machine learning to solve 90% of NLP problems - Link

Discussion on the implications of Artificial Intelligence in our near future, and whether it will achieve intelligence far superior to human intelligence (Podcast) - Link

On Industry…
Google Colab offers free access to GPUs on their online collaborative notebook service - Link
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Google launches Cloud ML, which aims to bring easy access to AI services to businesses - Link

Mastercard claims that conversational banking may already be mainstream - Link

Worthy mentions…
AAAI releases results for the first ever research track on AI Ethics and Society - Link

WordVector visualizer for 294 languages using FastText - Link alt txt

FakeApp is an application that allows the ability to generate fake porn through face-swapping algorithm powered by deep learning techniques - Link

Facebook brings faster translation services to its platform thanks to multilingual embeddings - Link

The Wild Week in AI (Newsletter) - Link

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