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Nested LSTMs, Tensorflow Minigo, AAAI 2018 notes, Extract! 4.0, Arxiv Vanity

On People…
A great video explaining Shannon’s Information Theory, which are frequently used in machine learning (include lessons on entropy, cross-entropy and KL divergence) - Link
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On Code and Data…
Excellent tutorial on how automated feature engineering works (also referred to as deep feature synthesis) - Link

A minimalist python implementation of a neural-network modeled after AlphaGo Zero based on Tensorflow - Link

A Tensorflow implementation of Nested LSTM Cells - Link
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Short tutorial on deep learning for speech and language - Link

On Education and Research…
Paper discusses the expressive power of recurrent neural networks - Link
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On conducting error analysis for machine learning project (Lessons learned from Andrew Ng’s deep learning course) - Link

A summary of machine learning for healthcare at NIPS - Link
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Paper discussing a method that is able to provide model-agnostic explanations on individual predictions for text classifiers - Link

On Industry…
Periscope Data bring Python, R, and SQL into one platform - Link

CNN and WeSpeke are using natural language processing to teach English to the world - Link

Extract! 4.0 achieves state-of-the-art results on parsing CVs, which is a powerful technology for recruiters - Link

Worthy Mentions…
Arxiv Vanity, web app that renders academic papers from Arxiv as responsive web pages - Link
alt txt

Paper discusses on a novel way of assessing the quality of samples generated by generative adversarial networks (GANs) - Link

AAAI 2018 summarized notes by David Abel - Link

A detailed blog article visualy explaining the main ideas behind GAN and WGAN - Link