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Einsum, Magenta.js, ML Debiasing, Tensorflow 1.8.0, The Gradient, MLPerf, Sarcasm Detection, loves PyTorch, Word Morphing,...

On People…
Ilya Sutskever, cofounder of OpenAI, gives a talk on Artificial General Intelligence at MIT - Link
alt txt

Another important work from the Facebook AI team related to debiasing machine learning - Link

Ian Goodfellow (GANfather) discusses failures in academia in a candid interview - Link

Detecting emotions with neural network fusion models - Link
alt txt

On Education and Research…
All 2018 ICLR talks - Link

Paper describing how to "create accurate meta-embeddings from pre-trained source embeddings" - Link

Sarcasm detection using deep convolutional neural networks - Link
alt txt

Word morphing using word embeddings (transforming words via semantic similarity) - Link

Paper describing how to conduct large-scale visual relationship understanding - Link
alt txt

Check out all the deep learning tools Facebook has open-sourced, all in one place - Link

Novel deep learning architecture for dependency parsing (ACL2018) - Link
alt txt

On Code and Data...
Introducing Einsum (more efficient way to perform tensor operations) - Link

Interpreting and describing feature importance from machine learning models - Link

Generating fake Tinder dating profiles using GAN and RNNs - Link

Google Brain announces Magenta.js, an API for generating music and art using Tensorflow.js - Link

A step-by-step guide to implement a deep learning image segmentation model - Link
alt txt

Tensorflow 1.8.0 is released - Link

On Industry…
Google announces Open Images V4 - Link

Learn how Amazon is working on making a large-scale fact extraction and verification dataset publicly available - Link

Introducing Google's MLPerf, "an effort that aims to build a common set of machine learning benchmarks to measure system performance for both training and inference from mobile devices to cloud services" - Link
alt txt

Problems with how Facebook plans to hate speech using AI - Link

Introducing The Gradient, new publication that aims to democratize AI through educational content - Link

Facebook AI's team obtains record-breaking results on image recognition using pre-training with hash tags on 3.5b images... - Link

How Stitch sells personal style using data science (from the CEO) - link

Quote of the day...
On constructing more reliable word embeddings - Link alt txt

Illustration of the day...
Attention is all you need - Link
alt txt

Worthy Mentions…
Human Motion Modeling using DVGANs (Paper) - Link

BrightSign, a smart glove that empowers speech-disabled people to communicate better - Link

Release of Sublime Text 3.1 - Link
alt txt loves PyTorch - Link

NLP News (Issue 22) by Sebastian Ruder - Link

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