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Tensorflow.js, code2vec, DL-Text, Text-Distance, Group Normalization, Linguamatics, ...

On People…
This comprehensive report details the current state of nerual machine translation (NMT) - Link

In this interesting Twitter thread Sebastian Ruder discusses important questions about NLP progress and how it compared to computer vision (CV) - Link
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How Ashton Kutcher and company plans to use NLP for fighting child sex trafficking - Link

A Telegram channel to discuss NLP research, papers, and ideas about NLP - Link

On Education and Research…
Paper introduces concept of "Group Normalization" an effective alternative to batch normalization, an important technique in deep learning - Link
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Washington University (in St. Louis) Course T81-558: Applications of Deep Neural Networks (includes Jupyter notebooks as well) - Link

An interesting paper that introduces a model for representing snippets of code as continuous distributed vectors (code2vec) - Link

This paper shows a comparison between recurrent vs. non-recurrent models for several NLP tasks - Link

Article from Georgia Tech on "Learning to represent words by how they're spelled" - Link
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Paper introduces a "new language modeling paradigm that has the ability to perform both prediction and moderation of information flow at multiple granularities" - Link

On Code and Data...
TextDistance - A python library for comparing distance btween two or more sequences, implements various algorithms such as Hamming, Jaccard index, etc. - Link

DL-Text repository containing code on how to pre-process textual data for deep learning models (Keras, Tensroflow) - Link

Repository containing many hand-on tutorials about simple tasks used in NLP - Link

DataTurks offers several open datasets -- check them out - Link
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On Industry…
Tensorflow anounces Tensorflow.js, a Web-GL accelerated, browser-based Javascript library for training and deploying ML models on the web; other announcements were made as well - Link

Linguamatics is a library that offers tools for text-based drug discovery and exploration - Link

Google presents Google Text-to-Speech, which is powered by DeepMind WaveNet - Link

Apple works to make Siri better through NLP technology - Link

Find out how Tumi is using AI and NLP for ad targeting - Link

Worthy Mentions…
The Wild Week in AI (Issue #83) - Link

Natural Language Processing News (Issue #19) - Link

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