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TextQL, Colorless Green RNNs, ConvAI2, Machine Learning Yearning, Meta Learning Tutorial, Tinn, World Models,

Welcome to the 10th Issue of NLP Newsletter! Here are this week's notable NLP news !

On People…
Andrew Ng plans to soon rollout first draft of his book, Machine Learning Yearning - Link
alt txt

David Ha et al., presents "World Models", where they aim to answer "Can agents learn inside of their own dreams" - Link

An amazing tutorial by Jaan Altosaar on everything there is to know about variational autoencoders - Link

On Education and Research…
This interesting paper presents a "quantitative analysis on the use of skin tone modifiers on emoji on Twitter" - Link
alt txt

Paper discussing experiments on neural machine translation using transformer model and Tensor2Tensor framework - Link

Exciting paper on word embeddings applies to massive source of medical data - Link

Step-by-step implementation of "Attention Is All You Need" using PyTorch - Link

An impressive piece teaching how to implement Meta-Learning (learning to learn), which is a very recent trend in machine learning - Link alt txt

Here is a nice piece providing details on the most important and conventional text processing techniques important in text mining - Link

On Code and Data...
TextQL is a library that allows you to execute against CSV or TSV text files - Link
alt txt

A neat and very detailed tutorial on how to use pandas dataframes - Link

Tinn (Tiny Neural Network) is a simple dependecy-free neural network library written in C - Link

Code for the paper entitled "Colorless green recurrent networks dream hierarchically" (by Facebook) - Link
alt txt

On Industry…
LSTM implementation: Intel Skylake vs NVIDIA V100 - Link

PyTorch now installable through pip - Link

Helping kids develop language skills using NLP (by MIT) - Link

Quotes of the Week...
"Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful" - George E.P.Box

"It's not news that NSA etc is using #NLProc techniques to trawl through language data --- and anything world-readable on social media is presumably considered fair game." - Emily Bender

Worthy Mentions…
Using machine learning to discover neural network optimizers (Google Research Blog) - Link

ConvAI2 conversation chatbot competition by NIPS2018 - Link

Analysis of scientific publications using distributed word representations - Link

Natural Language Processing News by Sebastian Ruder - Link

If you spot any errors or inaccuracies in this newsletter please open an issue.
Submit a pull request if you would like to add important NLP news here.

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