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Set up network interfaces with Ansible
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Build Status Ansible Role

Set up custom network interface configurations for a server.

Role Variables

  • network_ifaces: A list of dictionaries, one per network device, of network parameters which will be substituted into templates/etc-sysconfig-network-scripts-ifcfg.j2.
  • network_ifaces[].device: The device name. All other fields are optional, see the template for details.
  • network_ifaces[].bondmaster: If specified this NIC will be part of a bonded interface. If the device name matches bondmaster it will be set as the master, otherwise it will be a slave of bondmaster.
  • network_disable_ifaces: A list of network device names to be explicitly disabled, use this if you want to be sure the interface is disabled (as opposed to being auto-configured by the system).
  • network_delete_ifaces: A regular expression describing the network device name(s) to be removed (note this means the system may auto-configure them), use this for cleaning up spare configuration files.
  • network_additional_params: A dictionary containing additional parameters to be added to the interface configuration file. Keys will be set to upper case, and values will be set as supplied. Add this to the list of dictionaries, network_ifaces.

The set of network parameters which can be defined in network_ifaces are as follows. If these are not defined, and the parameter has a default value, it will be added with that default value.

  • bondmaster (not a parameter, per se, but configures bonding. See example below.)
  • bootproto (default: none)
  • bridge
  • device
  • devicetype
  • dns1
  • dns2
  • gateway
  • hwaddr
  • ip
  • ipv6init (default: yes)
  • mtu
  • netmask
  • ovsbridge
  • prefix
  • type

NB ONBOOT=yes is set by default, and is not configurable.

Example Playbook

# Simple network
- hosts: localhost
  - role:
    - device: eth0
      type: ethernet
        ipv6_autoconf: "no"

# Bonded network combining eth0 and eth1
- hosts: localhost
  - role:
    - device: bond0
      prefix: 24
      bondmaster: bond0
    - device: eth0
      bondmaster: bond0
    - device: eth1
      bondmaster: bond0


  • If you change the network settings it may be restarted, which means your connection from Ansible may be broken.
  • In some cases restarting the network is insufficient, you may need to reboot.
  • If you are using this role to set a network IP after a system has been PXEed you may need to temporarily set ansible_host in your host inventory if DNS isn't already setup for the host.

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