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Bio-Formats Documentation

The following documentation is split into four parts. :doc:`about/index` explains the goal of the software, discusses how it processes metadata, and provides other useful information such as version history and how to report bugs. :doc:`users/index` focuses on how to use Bio-Formats as a plugin for ImageJ and Fiji, and also gives details of other software packages which can use Bio-Formats to read and write microscopy formats. :doc:`developers/index` covers more indepth information on using Bio-Formats as a Java library and how to interface from non-Java codes. Finally, :doc:`formats/index` is a guide to all the file formats currently supported by Bio-Formats.

Bio-Formats |release| requires Java 8 or above and uses the June 2016 release of the :model_doc:`OME Model <>`.

Bio-Formats is a community project and we welcome your input. You can find guidance on :doc:`about/bug-reporting`, upload files to our QA system for testing, and :imagesc:`contact us <tags/bio-formats>` via the forums. Further information about how the OME team works and how you can contribute to our projects is in the :devs_doc:`Contributing Developer Documentation <>`.

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