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OME Common C++

OME Common is a standalone C++ library required by other OME C++ projects for common functionality which is not readily available from the C++ Standard Library. This includes basic portability functions, to wrapping other libraries to make them usable with Modern C++ programming practices.

It serves a similar purpose to the OME formats-common Java library, with some shared functionality, though for the most part they are quite different.



OME Common's primary purpose is to ensure that a certain level of basic functionality is provided for all platforms and compilers supported by OME C++ projects. It currently includes:

  • Missing C++ standard library functionality:

    • regex
  • Missing Boost functionality:

    • Endian conversions
    • Filesystem absolute path determination
    • Variant and MPL set up
    • Units (extended datatypes for all units used by the OME data model)
  • Extra functionality:

    • Boolean type for iterable 8-bit mask pixel data
    • logging
    • installation path determination
    • memory streams
    • string portability and helper functions
    • XML parsing (Xerces-C++ Modern C++ RAII wrappers)

More information

For more information, see the documentation.

Pull request testing

We welcome pull requests from anyone, but ask that you please verify the following before submitting a pull request:

  • verify that the branch merges cleanly into master
  • verify that the branch compiles
  • run the unit tests (ctest -V) and correct any failures
  • make sure that your commits contain the correct authorship information and, if necessary, a signed-off-by line
  • make sure that the commit messages or pull request comment contains sufficient information for the reviewer(s) to understand what problem was fixed and how to test it


C++ library providing common and portability functionality for all OME C++ components





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