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Changes for June 2011

The list of the key changes for the June 2011 major release of the ome-xml data model. This schema release will tie in with the OMERO 4.3 release.

The new major release of the schema has a new namespace and all version numbers are reset to 1. As a major release, any file that validated correctly using the last major release will probably not validate correctly using this new release. Some files that failed to validate before will now be valid. It is important to update any file readers and writers to understand the changes.

The version number of all schema files is now 1.

This schema uses the new namespace:[NameSpaceTitle]/2011-06/

For the OME schema

and the schema file is located at

Overview of changes

  • Polyline and Path have been DEPRECATED.
  • ROI font enumerations have been updated.
  • Metadata-Only Companion OME-XML and Binary-Only OME-TIFF files have been created.
  • A Creator attribute has been added for OME-XML and OME-TIFF.
  • The OTF (Optical Transfer Function) has been DEPRECATED.


  • Polyline and Path have been DEPRECATED as they are due to be replaced in the next major release, to provide support for 3-dimensional objects.
  • FontFamily has been changed so it matches the standard HTML/CSS values.
  • FontStyle has been changed so it better matches standard HTML/CSS.


  • The OME node has been modified to allow creation of the Metadata-Only Companion OME-XML and Binary-Only OME-TIFF files.
  • The OME node Creator attribute can now contain the name and version of the creating application.
  • The physical size of a pixel is now restricted to a positive value.
  • MicrobeamManipulation can now have a Description.
  • OTF (Optical Transfer Function) has been DEPRECATED and is due for removal in the next major release.
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