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5.5.4 (Sep 2019)

  • Add deprecation warning to Blitz objects (#62)
  • Increase VerifyDepthMax for websocket login (#66)
  • Prepare Blitz objects for Python 3 support (#69, #70)

5.5.3 (July 2019)

  • Bump omero-server and omero-common-test version.
  • Fix Ice SSL ciphers (#58, #59)
  • Properly close table services (#57, #60)
  • Add -T Project:name:x/Dataset:name:y support (#61)

5.5.2 (June 2019)

  • Bump omero-server and omero-common-test version.

5.5.1 (May 2019)

  • Update omero-server dependency version.
  • Support websocket and url style connection strings.

5.5.0 (May 2019)

  • Move clients' graph requests onto background threads.
  • Generate Ice doc.
  • Move repository location properties.
  • Fix remaining Javadoc warnings.
  • Reduce use of Guava.
  • Remove findbugs pulled in by subethamail.
  • Remove the Java Gateway code.
  • Partially migrate Properties file from the openmicroscopy repository.
  • Fix Javadoc warnings.
  • Run units test in Travis.
  • Deprecate setCaseSentivice in favor of new setCaseSensitive.
  • Deprecate vestigial data provider for deleted test.
  • Add DEBUG logging for successful repository file deletions.
  • Safely order repository file deletions.
  • Move OMEROImportFixture into test directory.
  • LegalGraphTargets can work for any GraphQuery instance.
  • Java SSL fixes for clients (rebased from metadata54).
  • Remove Repository.pixels and deprecate BfPixelsStoreI.
  • Fix "cannot link" bug with import target containers.
  • Adjust some Blitz API responses to signal "OK".
  • Remove from comments confusing references to OMERO 4.x code.
  • Update Hibernate DTD URL to current recommendation.
  • Version loading tweak.
  • Fix comments in FS Blitz API.
  • Include map annotations in image metadata export.
  • Add License file.
  • Use new Gradle build system.
  • Extract omero-blitz from the openmicroscopy repository.
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