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This is an OMERO.web plugin (Django app) that provides a 'gallery' view of images in OMERO, ideal for public browsing without editing.

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  • OMERO 5.2.6 or newer.

Installing from PyPI

This section assumes that an OMERO.web is already installed.

Install the app using pip:

$ pip install -U omero-gallery

Add gallery custom app to your installed web apps:

$ bin/omero config append omero.web.apps '"omero_gallery"'

Now restart OMERO.web as normal.

Warning: version 2.x or newer requires OMERO.web 5.2.6 or newer. This is due to a Django Framework compatibility and to a required package reorganization in in version 2.0 so the application can be distributed from Python Package Index PyPI. overview

This application is designed to support browsing of images via the hierarchy of Group > Project > Dataset > Image.

Public access can be enabled as described here, otherwise users will see the standard web login screen.

The home page will display all the available groups that the user can access, with a random thumbnail from each group. The number of Projects, Datasets and Images within each group will also be displayed.

On browsing into a group, the Projects and 'orphaned' Datasets will be shown in a similar layout.

Projects are shown with 5 thumbnails from each Dataset. Clicking 'All Images' will load all the remaining thumbnails from a chosen Dataset (or you can browse to the Dataset itself by clicking the Dataset name link).

Clicking a thumbnail will take you directly to the full image viewer.

License is released under the AGPL.


2016-2017, The Open Microscopy Environment