An Othello/Reversi server developed in Django
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An Othello (or Reversi) server developed in Django (for academical purposes).

It might contain some rules specific to our assignment, so feel free to modify it if you want.

What is it for?

This server defines an HTTP API that will allow two users to play Othello. The responses will be JSON objects.


If the server is running on http://localhost/, the following requests can be made:


This method should be called when two players want to start a game.

Request: http://localhost/connect?p1=john&p2=mary
Response: {'game': 'john-mary-1'}
Additional info:

  • The game won't start until both users call this method.
  • The response is player1-player2-id where player1 plays with white dics and player2 with black ones.

Get Board

Request: http://localhost/get_board?game=john-mary-1
Response: {'board': '0000000000000000000000000001200000021000000000000000000000000000'}
Additional info:

  • The board is a string of 64 characters, representing a 8x8 board.
  • The sample response is the initial board.

Is Turn

This method will return True if it is player's turn.

Request: http://localhost/is_turn?game=john-mary-1&player=john
Response: {'status': True}
Additional info:


This method should be called when a player wants to play. POST method has to be used.

Request: http://localhost/move
Data: game=john-mary-1&player=john&move=(3,2)
Response: {'status': 'succeed'} or {'status': 'failed'}

Additional info:

  • In the above example, the player john wants to insert a disc in the 3rd row and 2nd column.

General for all above methods

All the above methods can return an error field in the response. Eg.:

Request: http://localhost/get_board?game=john-chris-1
Response: {'error': 'Game john-chris-1 not found}

How to run the server

$ python runserver


Oscar Mederos Oceja <>