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VBML Ethics

english / français

This document is a listing of ethical principles applied to the VBML language and its related software.

Motion Freedom

Motion Freedom is a set of ethical principles regarding video streaming on the Internet. These core principles should be implemented in software tools that are willing to innovate in that direction:

  • The freedom to access video resources on the Internet
  • The freedom to organize decentralized video sources
  • The freedom to share video content with the world

The freedom to access

The freedom to access means that the user should be able to access video resources with no intermediary between the software client and the data. In other words, the data bytes should be accessed directly on the remote server. This should be applied for video sources and related resources like metadata(s) or subtitles.

The freedom to organize

The freedom to organize means that the user should be able to organize video sources precisely the way he wants. For instance he should be able to create Playlist(s) and Feed(s) with decentralized video content coming from different places on the Internet. Thus enabling him to curate what's relevant and what's not with his own sensibility.

The freedom to share

The freedom to share means that the user should be able to share video content with the world. Whether it's a video source or a collection of videos like a Playlist or a Feed, the user should be able to share these resources from people to people, universally and without third party intervention.

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