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VBML tevolution

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tevolution initiative

Globally, tevolution refers to an initiative that aims to reinvent television.

From a technical standpoint, it leverages modern software coupled with the Internet to achieve direct access to an extensive collection of video streams. Through a simple language called VBML it enables the user to agregate and curate content freely into tracks and playlists. Due to this semantic approach these informations can be contained in lightweight QR codes called VideoTags which allow video navigation and sharing on a broad scale. Lastly it all comes together in the Semantic Player: a client based software that implements state of the art video streaming, VBML and VideoTag support.

From an ethical perspective, it aims at empowering each and every citizen around the world to create their own media from this new medium. From now on, being a program director is a matter of writing a VBML document and updating it accordingly. This considerably lowers the bar to create brand new medias that represents a new form of television. This is made possible by leveraging modern technology coupled with individual and collective curation. This perspective is aligned with the Motion Freedom ethical principles.

The tevolution initiative wants to be a technological innovation that serves an anthropological progress.

tevolution client

Alternatively, tevolution can refer to the application client that acts as a Remote Video Screen and broadcasts VBML content on multiple platforms.

tevolution channel

Lastly, tevolution can simply refer to a tevolution channel.

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