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Powerline eXtenstion for git branch that works on OS X

For some reason the main powerline git branch segment decided to stop working on OS X. Well, technically it still worked, it just spit out an annoying and misleading error message every time powerline was displayed about "libc is too old". What the error message really meant was "This feature tries to use inotify, but the developer was too lazy to provide propper fall backs for anything but inotify on linux, and too lazy to provide a proper error message for anybody else"

This segment tries to mimic the old behaviour, of just working.

First install the addon:

pip install -U --user git+

The name will re-use the theme config from the main branch segment. If you make a theme, you can include a custom segment_data:

"branch": {
    "before": " "

And then add this to your prefered spot under segments:

    "module": "powerlinex.segment.git-branch-osx",
    "name": "branch",
    "args": {
        "status_colors": true

To have this replace your old segment, just add the module line to your shell theme, and everything will work on your mac again :)


A replacement 'branch' segment that works on OSX with color



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