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Powerline eXtenstion for plenv

An attempt at a proof of concept powerline custom segment, to try to figure out the propper way of writing those. This adds a segment with a virtualenv method.

First install the addon:

pip install -U --user git+https://github.com/omega/powerlinex-segment-plenv.git

If you make a theme, you can include a custom segment_data:

"version": {
    "before": "ⓔ  "

And then add this to your prefered spot under segments:

    "module": "powerlinex.segment.plenv",
    "name": "version"

Whenever you are in a folder with a non-default perl version specified, it will add a segment showing the perl version name.

The highlight_group of the segment returned is perl_version, virtualenv, in that order. This will be highlighted in the same way as virtualenv, unless you specify something else in the perl_version color.