A vim plugin for Devel::CoverX::Covered allowing you to selectivly rerun tests
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Inspired by: http://use.perl.org/use.perl.org/_Ovid/journal/36030.html

Depends on:

Simply put, it gives you two functions: Coverage() and ReTest(). The first one gives you a location-list of either tests that cover the file (or sub) you are in, or if you are in a test file, it will give you a list of what source files are covered by this test file.

ReTest() in a testfile will simply run prove on the file and show the TAP in a new buffer. If you are in a source file, it will re-run the tests that cover the source file, and if you are in a sub (and have current-func-info installed) it will rerun testfiles that cover the current function.

In addition, it has a syntax highligher for TAP to make that window look a little nicer on test output :)