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problem with TinyMCE #218

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I've made the transition to Barracuda with about 12 sites, a number of them using TinyMCE. one of the only problems I found was with .htm files in TinyMCE not loading properly. I modified the following line in nginx_simple_include.conf to allow for serving of htm and html files:

location ~* ^.+\.(?:jpe?g|gif|png|ico|swf|pdf|doc|xls|tiff?|txt|html?|cgi|bat|pl|dll|aspx?|exe|class)$ {

But I thought you'd want to take a look at allowing them "correctly" (ie in a more limited manner). The htm files are all inside the TinyMCE folder, obviously, so maybe somebody could show me how to limit it to only serving static htm files from that folder.


Actually, I have a modification to make here. I believe the problem I am having with TinyMCE is really related to the fact that it has a jscripts folder, which all the htm files reside below, and 'script' is being limited in this line of the conf file:

location ~* (?:delete.+from|insert.+into|select.+from|union.+select|onload|script|.php.+src|system(.+|iframe|document.cookie|alert|\;|..) {

So to sum up, I believe the above line is breaking TinyMCE. But I don't know how to fix it.


This known issue is already fixed in head/master, see below related commits:




You could upgrade to the current head or wait for next stable (expected this weekend).


BTW, current (head) configuration allows you to serve static .html? files for popular wysiwyg editors while still allowing you to use .html extension for your dynamic drupal content.


Wow. That was fast. Thanks so much.

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