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All-in-one bash scripts (see docs/INSTALL.txt for details)
to install and/or upgrade high performance Aegir Hosting Systems
for Drupal, with Nginx, PHP-FPM, MariaDB/Percona and Redis,
now available with simple command line tools:

### For BOA installation instructions see docs/INSTALL.txt
### See also related information in docs/NOTES.txt
### For BOA upgrade instructions see docs/UPGRADE.txt
### For how-to on using MultiCore Solr Jetty see docs/SOLR.txt
### For custom Nginx rewrites how-to see docs/HINTS.txt
### For SSL and extra IPs how-to see docs/SSL.txt
### For sites migration between instances see docs/REMOTE.txt
### Please read all comments for configuration options in both
### and, since there is information
### not included in the README or INSTALL and can be modified or
### updated with every new Edition.

You can install one Aegir Master Instance on your server using
Barracuda and any number of Aegir Satellite Instances using
Octopus installer.

Note: the 'Master' and 'Satellite' names in the Barracuda/Octopus
context are not related to the multi-server Aegir features.
It is related to the multi-Aegir-instances environment, with
virtual chroot/jail for every Aegir instance.

Barracuda is the main script for the Aegir Master Instance system
install and upgrades, including OS env and main Aegir instance,
but no platforms will be added there to keep it compatible
with all existing and future installs, when you don't need
any ready to use platforms and instead you are using the system
for managing your own imported platforms/sites.

Octopus is an Aegir + Platforms installer (you can interactively
choose the platforms you wish to install on the instance)
and updater only. It allows to install new versions of platforms
with clean directory structure, with code shared between all created
instances, so one vanilla Octopus instance is using only ~18 MB,
while most of the code, which is over 1700 MB total, is shared.

Sharing the code between instances is of critical importance,
because it allows you to dramatically lower RAM and CPU usage,
because most of the actively used code is opcode cached with APC.

With multi-install system you have to remember that all of them
will use the same Nginx server, so you could break the system
trying to install site with the same domain on two or more instances.
The instances will not be aware of other running instances,
so it is your responsibility to use such system wisely.

There is also Tuner script available (see aegir/tools/
for easy system tuning for development and switching it back easily
to the standard production settings.


* Xen, VServer, Linux KVM or VMware based VPS or a dedicated box.
* VirtualBox VM for localhost install - check the how-to for:
  Ubuntu Precise desktop image install:
  Debian Squeeze desktop image install:

### SUPPORTED LTS OS 32/64bit - Minimal on server or Desktop on localhost

* Debian 6.0 Squeeze (recommended) - 12 min install, 3 min upgrade
* Debian 7.0 Wheezy - 30 min install, 15 min upgrade
* Ubuntu Precise 12.04 - 12 min install, 3 min upgrade
* Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 - 30 min install, 15 min upgrade

NOTE: Average time to install and upgrade tested with PHP 5.3 option
      _PHP_MODERN_ONLY=YES (default), using Barracuda installer only.
      Upgrade time is applicable when PHP upgrade is required.


* Debian 5.0 Lenny (automatic upgrade to Squeeze supported)
* Ubuntu Oneiric 11.10
* Ubuntu Natty 11.04
* Ubuntu Maverick 10.10
* Ubuntu Karmic 9.10
* Jolicloud Robby


* Wget must be installed.
* The Git standard port 9418 must be open.
* SMTP standard port 25 (or SMTP relay) must be open for outgoing connections.
* Minimum 512 MB of RAM.
* Locales with UTF-8 support, otherwise en_US.UTF-8 (default) is forced.
* Basic sysadmin skills and experience.


=== Included by default - see docs/NOTES.txt for details

* All libraries & tools required to install and run Nginx based Aegir system.
* Latest release of MariaDB 5.5 database server with Chive manager.
* Latest version of Nginx web server.
* PHP-FPM 5.3.27 with Zend OPcache or APC, phpredis, uploadprogress and ionCube.
* Fast Redis Cache with DB auto-failover for all 6.x and 7.x platforms.
* Fast proxy DNS server (pdnsd) with permanent caching.
* Limited shell, SFTP and FTPS separate accounts per Octopus instance.
* Limited Shell and FTPS accounts per Aegir Client with per site access.
* Drush and Drush Make access - drush4, drush5 and drush6 on command line.
* HTTPS access with self-signed certificate for all hosted sites.
* Magic Speed Booster cache, working like a Boost + AuthCache, but per user.
* Entry level XSS built-in protection on the Nginx level.
* Firewall csf/lfd integrated with Nginx abuse guard.
* PHP errors debugging, including WSOD, enabled on the fly on dev. aliases.
* Boost, AdvAgg, Domain Access and Drupal for Facebook built-in support.
* Built-in collection of useful modules available in all platforms.
* Autonomous Maintenance & Auto-Healing scripts in /var/xdrago.
* Every 10 seconds uptime/self-healing local monitoring.
* Automated, rotated daily backups for all databases in /data/disk/arch/sql.

=== Optional add-ons - see docs/NOTES.txt for details

* MultiCore Apache Solr 1.4.1 with Jetty 7 - see docs/SOLR.txt for details.
* MultiCore Apache Solr 3.6.2 with Jetty 8 - see docs/SOLR.txt for details.
* MultiCore Apache Solr 4.2.0 with Jetty 8 or Jetty 9 on Precise and Wheezy.
* Fast Redis Lock support with DB auto-failover for all 6.x and 7.x platforms.
* Latest release of Percona 5.5 database server.
* New Relic Server and Apps Monitor with per Site/Instance/Server reporting.
* LDAP Nginx support via third-party module.
* SPDY Nginx support.
* PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) support in Nginx.
* MongoDB driver for PHP 5.3
* GEOS extension for PHP 5.3 (experimental).
* FFmpeg support.
* PHP-FPM 5.2.17 with Zend OPcache or APC and phpredis (deprecated).
* Bind9 DNS server.
* Webmin Control Panel.
* SQL Buddy database manager.
* Collectd server monitor.
* Compass Tools.


Octopus can install the platforms listed below:

### Drupal 7.23.3

 Commerce 1.20 ----------------
 Commerce 2.9 -----------------
 Commons 3.4 ------------------
 Drupal 7.23.3 ----------------
 Open Academy 1.0-rc3 ---------
 Open Atrium 2.0.4 ------------
 Open Deals 1.31 --------------
 Open Outreach 1.2 ------------
 OpenBlog 1.0-a3 --------------
 OpenChurch 1.11-b14 ----------
 OpenScholar 3.8.1 ------------
 Panopoly 1.0-rc5 -------------
 Recruiter 1.1.2 --------------
 Spark 1.0-a10 ----------------
 Totem 1.1.2 ------------------
 Ubercart 3.5.1 ---------------

### Pressflow 6.28.3

 Commons 2.13.2 ---------------
 Feature Server 1.2 -----------
 Managing News 1.2.4 ----------
 Open Atrium 1.7.2 ------------
 Pressflow 6.28.3 -------------
 Ubercart 2.12.1 --------------

All D7 platforms have been enhanced using Drupal 7.23.3 +Extra core:

All D6 platforms have been enhanced using Pressflow 6.28.3 +Extra core:


* Please follow bug submission guidelines:

  Before you submit a bug, make sure you have diagnosed your
  configuration as documented in this guide: It is Aegir specific,
  but the good rules are the same: always search for similar
  bug report before submitting your own, and include as much
  information about your context as possible, especially
  please include, using, the contents
  (anonymized for security and privacy) of files:


* Issue queues: (active) (active) (deprecated)

  Please don't post your server logs here. Instead use and post the link in your submission.

### HELP

* Join us at:


* Grace  -
* Albert -
* Robert -


* (main)
* (main)
* (mirror)
* (mirror)


* Brian Mercer -
  Initial work:

* Nice people who are submitting bugs and problems in the
  Barracuda/Octopus issue queues.

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