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Upgrading between any versions from Open Atrium 1.0-beta4 to 1.1
_note: If upgrading a version older than beta 4, update to beta 4 first_
1. Follow the upgrade instructions here:
**The following steps are specific to Open Atrium 1.1**
2. Revert all your features using `drush -y fr-all` from the commandline or
or using the UI at /admin/build/features. **Very important** if you overrode
any views, contexts, variable, permissions, and other configuration, on your
site. This will delete your overrides and set everything back to the default
Open Atrium configuration as defined in code.
If you've made extensive overrides you will want to carefully manage this
step and preserve or recreate configuration overrides.
3. Clear your caches using `drush cc all` from the commandline or using the
'Clear cached data' button on /admin/settings/performance. If you clear the
cache from /admin/settings/performance do not be alarmed if your theme is
not working initially; it should work correctly only after you've cleared
the cache (related issue for reference only
Upgrading from Atrium 1.0-beta3.x to 1.0-beta4
_note: This upgrade assumes that you're using drush 3.x_
1. Change the name of the install profile on your site. While the update will
run if you have a symlink from `openatrium` to `atrium_installer` in your
`profiles` directory, it is a good idea to update this information for your
site explicitly.
drush vset install_profile openatrium
Or add the following line to the end of your site's `settings.php` file:
$conf['install_profile'] = 'openatrium';
2. Clear all caches.
drush cc all
3. Run `update.php` in a web browser or run the following using drush:
drush updatedb
4. Overrides for features need to be reverted. If you have made custom
overrides to Atrium features, you will want to manage these yourself in the
Features UI. Otherwise simply blow away all the overrides:
drush -y features-revert atrium atrium_groups atrium_members atrium_profile
drush -y features-revert atrium_blog atrium_book atrium_calendar atrium_casetracker atrium_shoutbox spaces_dashboard
5. Clear caches again. The site should now be (for the most part) usable.
6. Older installations may need to manually reset the default input format.
1. Goto `admin/settings/filters`
2. Select the desired format, eg 'Markdown'
3. Click 'Set default format'
If you have had to reset the default format, you may also need to manually set the allow tags. Below are some tags to get you going:
<div> <span> <br> <a> <em> <strong> <cite> <code> <strike> <ul> <ol> <li> <dl> <dt> <dd> <img> <blockquote> <p> <pre> <h1> <h2> <h3> <h4> <h5> <h6> <table> <caption> <thead> <th> <td> <tr> <sup> <sub>
7. There maybe other variable that need to be reset
1. Goto `admin/settings/strongarm`
2. Select the desired variables, eg `site_404`
3. Click 'Reset to defaults'
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