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The OmegaEngine is a general-purpose 3D graphics engine written in C# using the .NET Framework 2.0 and DirectX 9 via SlimDX.

The engine is designed to be

  • light-weight (compiled binaries with external libraries < 4MB),
  • modular (use only the parts you need for your project) and
  • gameplay-agnostic (also suitable for visualization projects, etc.).

The engine is well-suited for strategy games, space simulations, etc.. It is not designed for use in FPSes, open-world sandboxes, etc..

Code sample

Renders a textured sphere:

var engine = new Engine(...);
var scene = new Scene
    Positionables = {Model.Sphere(engine, XTexture.Get(engine, "flag.png"))}
var view = new View(scene, new TrackCamera());


The main body of the code is covered by the Mozilla Public License 2.0. Please have a look at the licensing terms covering the different parts of the engine for details.

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