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Package: Combinations
Version: 0.2-1
Title: Compute the combinations of choosing r items from n elements.
Description: Generates the combinations for choosing r items from a set of n items.
When n gets large, the package provides a mechanism for dealing with each combination
as it is generated so that one does not have to hold the entire collection around
and operate on them after creating the entire collection.
This makes computations feasible for very large numbers of combinations. It does not
necessarily make them fast!
The package is also a good example of the basics of calling R functions from C code.
It also illustrates aspects of adapting code for a stand-alone application to be used within
an interactive language like R/S-Plus, Python, Perl or Matlab/Octave.
Author: Duncan Temple Lang <>
Maintainer: Duncan Temple Lang <>
Depends: methods
License: BSD
LazyLoad: yes
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