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This package is the nucleus for tools that allow us to
programmatically query and modify text documents such as articles,
papers, books, tutorials, lecture notes, and so on.  
We want to be able to find all links and bibliography entries and verify them;
modify image references to point to a different directory; 
change all but the first instance of an acronym;
reuse content across multiple documents to ensure it is synchronized.

We traditionally write such documents so that another processor
(e.g. TeX or a Web browser) can render them for us. The markup we add
is for the processor, not directly for use by the author or the
readers.  Furthermore, it is difficult to target the same document
for  a) different renderers and formats, and b)  for different audiences
such as with or without the code, a short version for print
or the full version for the Web.

We envisage a much more powerful approach to writing documents which
support both a) and b) above.  The document is an abstraction where
the markup identifies concepts for the author and reader, not specific
instructions to the processor controlling the rendering.  Just like
CSS, the content and the appearance are separate.

These more abstract documents use a flexible, extensible high-level
markup, e.g. XML.  The document works as a filing cabinet or database
for ideas and it can then be transformed into multiple documents for
different formats and different audiences.

The same markup can be done to some extent with