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\title{Converts non-XML node objects to XMLTextNode objects}
This function is used to convert S objects that
are not already \code{XMLNode} objects
into objects of that class. Specifically,
it treats the object as a string and creates
an \code{XMLTextNode} object.
Also, there is a method for converting an XMLInternalNode
- the C-level libxml representation of a node - to
an explicit R-only object which contains the R values
of the data in the internal node.
\item{x}{the object to be converted to an \code{XMLNode} object.
This is typically alread an object that inherits from \code{XMLNode}
or a string.}
An object of class XMLNode.
\references{\url{}, \url{},
\url{} }
\author{ Duncan Temple Lang }
# creates an XMLTextNode.
asXMLNode("a text node")
# unaltered.
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