LaTeX package for use at University of Copenhagen.
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A LaTeX package for use at University of Copenhagen.

Using the titlepage option will resemble as close as possible the official design for Master projects and PhD theses. The Microsoft Word templates can be found at


Just copy the ku-frontpage.sty and the logos folder into your current working directory. You can then include the pacakge with for example:

\usepackage[english, science, titlepage]{ku-frontpage}


Options when including the package
Name Available options Default Notes
Layout titlepage, large, small titlepage
Language english, danish english Will also include the babel package with the same option.
Faculty science, ku science Will change the logo and text at the top of the page accordingly.
Commands for changing the text
Name Function Example
\assignment{...} Sets the assignment type. \assignment{PhD thesis}
\author{...} Sets the author. \author{Mads Ohm Larsen}
\title{...} Sets the title of the document. \title{Quasicrystal Simulation}
\subtitle{...} Sets the subtitle of the document. \subtitle{An investigation}
\date{...} Sets the date of the document. \date{Handed in: \today}
\advisor{...} Sets the advisor. \advisor{Advisor: Anders Andersen}
\frontpageimage{...} Sets the image for the titlepage \frontpageimage{example.png}

You can disable a command, by setting it to nothing, for example if you do not want a subtitle, you can use \subtitle{}.



The file example.tex contains an example of a titlepage LaTeX file, which when compiled should look like this:


Large and small

The large and small design can be used for everyday assignments handed in to your TA.


Large design


Small design


The UCPH logo is protected by a European patent. For more information go to the official design guide: