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omega tau Episode Preparation

This repository is used for collaborative editing of omega tau episode scripts, which form the basis for the interviews.

How can I edit?

You select a file from the open directory. You press the Edit button (the one with the little pen on it). You make the change. Then you commit. When committing, please use the option to "Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request.". This way, I get notified, I can see the changes, and accept them consciously.

Which Files to Change

The files in the open are still being prepared. Please make your changes there. Files in the closed directory are done; you can technically still make changes, but they won't make it in the episode.

Who can edit and what should I change?

You can edit. Please make sure you add constructive questions and stay on topic. Please do not delete other people's questions. You are free to rephrase to make it clearer, but don't just delete things you don't like. For bigger edits that restructure the whole script, please create a branch.

Are your questions guaranteed to be in the show?

If you add good questions relevant to the topic, it is very likely that they will end up in the show. But there is no guarantee: as editors, @markusvoelter and Nora reserve the freedom to do a final edit of the script before we use it.

How can I track what's happening here?

You can check out the commits page. If you want to receive updates for every commit, you can sign up with an RSS-Reader of your choice (some browsers support RSS-feeds, too) via . Getting email notifications on each commit is not supported by GitHub, unfortunately.

How does this git thing work?

If you know git, you can use it as usual. If you want to learn more about it, checkout these guides: If you don't really care, you can consider it almost like a Wiki:

  • Select a file from the directory structure above
  • Press the edit button and make changes to the contents
  • Add a meaningful comment and press Commit Changes to save them.

For details on the Markdown syntax, check out


A repository for collaborative editing of omega tau episode preparations






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