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Omeka S is a web publication system for universities, galleries, libraries, archives, and museums. It consists of a local network of independently curated exhibits sharing a collaboratively built pool of items, media, and their metadata. This software is currently in a released, alpha version, but development is open and ongoing.

Updated May 27, 2016


Use the VRA Core metadata standard in Omeka

Updated May 27, 2016


A flexible web publishing platform for the display of library, museum and scholarly collections, archives and exhibitions.

Updated May 27, 2016


Allows users to develop online interpretive exhibits that combine items in the Omeka archive with narrative text. The plugin provides pre-built themes and layouts, and a WYSIWYG visual editor, to build complex pages.

Updated May 24, 2016


Creates individual web pages for an Omeka site using a simple web form. It requires no programming knowledge, but allows users to add HTML markup, PHP code, or to embedding videos and other multimedia objects

Updated May 24, 2016


Adds a role allowing users with no access to the admin screen

Updated May 24, 2016


Makes an Omeka site into one that accepts public contributions. The plugin provides a form to collect stories, images, or other files from the public and manages those contributions in your Omeka archive as items. This contribution is useful when creating digital memory banks

Updated May 24, 2016


Updated May 23, 2016


Add a shortcode to create a carousel of items

Updated May 19, 2016


Allows administrators to define relations between items.

Updated May 18, 2016


Updated May 13, 2016


Allows administrative users to save geolocation data for an individual item. The plugin generates a Google map containing items with geolocation data and a web page for displaying the map. As of version 1.2, this plugin no longer requires a Google Maps key.

Updated May 5, 2016


End User Documentation for Omeka S

Updated May 4, 2016


Updated Apr 27, 2016


A simple way to create controlled vocabularies.

Updated Apr 25, 2016


Gives administrators the ability to create a hierarchical tree of their collections.

Updated Mar 26, 2016

JavaScript 0 0


Updated Mar 22, 2016


Updated Mar 9, 2016

Python 0 7


forked from wcaleb/omekadd

Python script for exporting metadata from Omeka to a CSV file via the Omeka API.

Updated Mar 2, 2016


Updated Feb 26, 2016

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