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Omeka Documentation

This is the developer documentation for Omeka. If you're looking to improve the documentation or see how it works, you're in the right place. Otherwise, you can see a human-readable and up-to-date version of the docs at our Read the Docs site.

Working on the documentation

This documentation uses the Sphinx documentation generator, which runs in Python. The source files for each page are written in reStructuredText, a wiki-like markup syntax.


Since the files are pretty much all plain text, you can edit the documentation with any text editor, or even directly through GitHub. But, to see your changes as HTML, you'll need to build the docs, and for that you'll need a few things:

  • The whole system runs on Python, so you'll obviously need that. A simple way to get the other packages you need is with easy_install, which is part of the setuptools package. On most systems, you'll probably already have these.
  • Sphinx: easy_install -U Sphinx
  • sphinxcontrib-phpdomain: easy_install -U sphinxcontrib-phpdomain


Once you've got the tools you need installed, building the documentation is easy: just run make html in the top-level documentation folder (where the Makefile is). That will spit out HTML sources for the docs under a folder called build.

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