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Package: :doc:`Controller </Reference/packages/Controller/index>`

.. php:class:: UsersController

extends :php:class:`Omeka_Controller_AbstractActionController`

.. php:attr:: _publicActions

    protected array

    Actions that are accessible by anonymous users.

.. php:attr:: _browseRecordsPerPage


.. php:method:: init()

.. php:method:: _handlePublicActions()

    Peform common processing for the publicly accessible actions.

    Set a view script variable for header and footer view scripts and don't
    allow logged-in users access.

    The script variables are set for actions in $_publicActions, so the
    scripts for those actions should use these variables.

.. php:method:: forgotPasswordAction()

    Send an email providing a link that allows the user to reset their

.. php:method:: _sendResetPasswordEmail($toEmail, $activationCode)

    :param $toEmail:
    :param $activationCode:

.. php:method:: activateAction()

.. php:method:: addAction()

.. php:method:: editAction()

    Similar to 'add' action, except this requires a pre-existing record.

    The ID For this record must be passed via the 'id' parameter.

.. php:method:: changePasswordAction()

.. php:method:: apiKeysAction()

.. php:method:: browseAction()

.. php:method:: deleteAction()

.. php:method:: _getDeleteSuccessMessage($record)

    :param $record:

.. php:method:: _getDeleteConfirmMessage($record)

    :param $record:

.. php:method:: sendActivationEmail($user)

    Send an activation email to a new user telling them how to activate
    their account.

    :type $user: User
    :param $user:
    :returns: bool True if the email was successfully sent, false otherwise.

.. php:method:: loginAction()

.. php:method:: getLoginErrorMessages(Zend_Auth_Result $result)

    This exists to customize the messages that people see when their attempt
    to login fails. ZF has some built-in default messages, but it seems like
    those messages may not make sense to a majority of people using the

    :type $result: Zend_Auth_Result
    :param $result:
    :returns: string

.. php:method:: logoutAction()

.. php:method:: _getUserForm(User $user, $ua = null)

    :type $user: User
    :param $user:
    :param $ua:

.. php:method:: _getLog()
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