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# Translation template for Omeka.
# Copyright (C) 2011 Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media
# This file is distributed under the same license as the Omeka package.
# Translators:
# Nicolaie Constantinescu <>, 2011, 2012.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: Omeka\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2011-11-22 16:18-0500\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2012-01-25 20:31+0000\n"
"Last-Translator: Nicolaie Constantinescu <>\n"
"Language-Team: Romanian (\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Language: ro\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=3; plural=(n==1?0:(((n%100>19)||((n%100==0)&&(n!=0)))?2:1))\n"
# Dublin Core description
msgid ""
"The Dublin Core metadata element set. These elements are common to all Omeka"
" resources, including items, files, collections, exhibits, and entities. See"
msgstr ""
"Setul de metadate Dublin Core. Aceste elemente sunt aceleași pentru toate "
"resursele Omeka, incluzând fișierele, colecțiile, expozițiile și entitățile."
" Vezi"
# #-#-#-#-# Omeka.base.pot (Omeka 1.5) #-#-#-#-#
# Dublin Core: Title element
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:129
msgid "Title"
msgstr "Titlu"
# #-#-#-#-# Omeka.base.pot (Omeka 1.5) #-#-#-#-#
# Dublin Core: Creator element
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:130
msgid "Creator"
msgstr "Creator"
# Dublin Core: Subject element
msgid "Subject"
msgstr "Subiect"
# #-#-#-#-# Omeka.base.pot (Omeka 1.5) #-#-#-#-#
# Dublin Core: Description element
#: admin/themes/default/collections/show.php:19
#: admin/themes/default/element-sets/browse.php:13
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/browse.php:14
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/element-form.php:23
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/element-list.php:6
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/form.php:26
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/show.php:18
#: admin/themes/default/themes/browse.php:19
#: application/views/scripts/collections/browse.php:15
#: application/views/scripts/collections/show.php:7
msgid "Description"
msgstr "Descriere"
# Dublin Core: Publisher element
msgid "Publisher"
msgstr "Editor"
# Dublin Core: Contributor element
# User role: contributor
msgid "Contributor"
msgstr "Contributor"
# Dublin Core: Date element
msgid "Date"
msgstr "Dată"
# #-#-#-#-# Omeka.base.pot (Omeka 1.5) #-#-#-#-#
# Dublin Core: Type element
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:131
msgid "Type"
msgstr "Tip"
# Dublin Core: Format element
msgid "Format"
msgstr "Format"
# Dublin Core: Identifier element
msgid "Identifier"
msgstr "Identificator"
# Dublin Core: Source element
msgid "Source"
msgstr "Sursă"
# Dublin Core: Language element
msgid "Language"
msgstr "Limbă"
# Dublin Core: Relation element
msgid "Relation"
msgstr "Relație"
# Dublin Core: Coverage element
msgid "Coverage"
msgstr "Domeniu"
# Dublin Core: Rights element
msgid "Rights"
msgstr "Drepturi"
# Item Type Metadata
msgid "Item Type Metadata"
msgstr "Metadate corespunzătoare înregistrării"
# Item Type Metadata description
msgid ""
"The item type metadata element set, consisting of all item type elements "
"bundled with Omeka and all item type elements created by an administrator."
msgstr ""
"Setul de elemente de metadate al înregistrării care constă din toate "
"elementele corespunzătoare unui anumit tip de înregistrare ce vin cu Omeka "
"și toate elementele unui tip de înregistrare creată de un administrator."
# Omeka Legacy File
msgid "Omeka Legacy File"
msgstr "Fișier compatibil Omeka"
# Omeka Legacy File description
msgid ""
"The metadata element set that, in addition to the Dublin Core element set, "
"was included in the `files` table in previous versions of Omeka. These "
"elements are common to all Omeka files. This set may be deprecated in future"
" versions."
msgstr ""
"Setul de elemente de metadate care suplimentar setului Dublin Core, a fost "
"inclus în tabela „files” în versiunile anterioare Omeka. Aceste elemente "
"sunt comune tuturor fișierelor Omeka. Acest set poate să fie abandonat în "
# Omeka Legacy File: Additional Creator element
msgid "Additional Creator"
msgstr "Adaugă creator"
# Omeka Legacy File: Transcriber element
msgid "Transcriber"
msgstr "Copist"
# Omeka Legacy File: Producer element
msgid "Producer"
msgstr "Producător"
# Omeka Legacy File: Render Device element
msgid "Render Device"
msgstr "Dispozitiv de vizualizare"
# Omeka Legacy File: Render Details element
msgid "Render Details"
msgstr "Detalii de vizualizare"
# Omeka Legacy File: Capture Date element
msgid "Capture Date"
msgstr "Data fixării"
# Omeka Legacy File: Capture Device element
msgid "Capture Device"
msgstr "Dispozitiv de fixare"
# Omeka Legacy File: Capture Details element
msgid "Capture Details"
msgstr "Detalii de fixare"
# Omeka Legacy File: Change History element
msgid "Change History"
msgstr "Modifică istoricul"
# Omeka Legacy File: Watermark element
msgid "Watermark"
msgstr "Filigran"
# Omeka Legacy File: Encryption element
msgid "Encryption"
msgstr "Criptare"
# Omeka Legacy File: Compression element
msgid "Compression"
msgstr "Compresie"
# Omeka Legacy File: Post Processing element
msgid "Post Processing"
msgstr "Post procesare"
# Omeka Image File
msgid "Omeka Image File"
msgstr "Fișier de imagine Omeka"
# Omeka Image File description
msgid ""
"The metadata element set that was included in the `files_images` table in "
"previous versions of Omeka. These elements are common to all image files."
msgstr ""
"Setul de elemente de metadate care a fost inclus în tabelul „files_images” "
"în versiunile anterioare ale Omeka. Aceste elemente sunt comune tuturor "
"fișierelor de imagine."
# Omeka Image File: Width element
msgid "Width"
msgstr "Lățime"
# Omeka Image File: Height element
msgid "Height"
msgstr "Înălțime"
# Omeka Image File: Bit Depth element
msgid "Bit Depth"
msgstr "Adâncime de biți"
# Omeka Image File: Channels element
msgid "Channels"
msgstr "Canale"
# Omeka Image File: Exif String element
msgid "Exif String"
msgstr "Fragment Exif"
# Omeka Image File: Exif Array element
msgid "Exif Array"
msgstr "Tablou Exif"
# Omeka Image File: IPTC String element
msgid "IPTC String"
msgstr "Fragment IPTC"
# Omeka Image File: IPTC Array element
msgid "IPTC Array"
msgstr "Tablou IPTC"
# Omeka Video File
msgid "Omeka Video File"
msgstr "Fișier video Omeka"
# Omeka Video File description
msgid ""
"The metadata element set that was included in the `files_videos` table in "
"previous versions of Omeka. These elements are common to all video files."
msgstr ""
"Setul de elemente de metadate a fost inclus în tabelul „files_videos” al "
"versiunilor precendente ale Omeka. Aceste elemente sunt comune tuturor "
"fișierelor video."
# Omeka Video File: Bitrate element
msgid "Bitrate"
msgstr "Bitrate"
# Omeka Video File: Duration element
msgid "Duration"
msgstr "Durată"
# Omeka Video File: Sample Rate element
msgid "Sample Rate"
msgstr "Sample Rate"
# Omeka Video File: Codec element
msgid "Codec"
msgstr "Codec"
# User role: Super
msgid "Super"
msgstr "Super"
# User role: Admin
msgid "Admin"
msgstr "Admin"
# User role: Researcher
msgid "Researcher"
msgstr "Cercetător"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/add.php:2
#: admin/themes/default/collections/browse.php:6
msgid "Add a Collection"
msgstr "Adaugă o colecție"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/add.php:9
msgid "Save Collection"
msgstr "Salveză colecția"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/browse.php:2
#: application/views/scripts/collections/browse.php:2
#: application/views/scripts/common/footer.php:6
#: application/views/scripts/functions.php:98
msgid "Browse Collections"
msgstr "Vezi colecțiile"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/browse.php:4
#: admin/themes/default/element-sets/browse.php:4
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/browse.php:4
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:4
#: admin/themes/default/plugins/browse.php:4
#: admin/themes/default/tags/browse.php:4
#: admin/themes/default/themes/browse.php:4
#: admin/themes/default/users/browse.php:4
#: application/views/scripts/items/browse.php:8
#, php-format
msgid "(%s total)"
msgstr "(%s total)"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/browse.php:18
msgid "ID"
msgstr "ID"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/browse.php:19
#: admin/themes/default/element-sets/browse.php:12
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/form.php:20
msgid "Name"
msgstr "Nume"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/browse.php:20
#: admin/themes/default/collections/show.php:22
msgid "Collectors"
msgstr "Culegătorii"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/browse.php:21
#: admin/themes/default/files/show.php:24
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:134
#: application/views/scripts/files/show.php:57
msgid "Date Added"
msgstr "Dată adăugată"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/browse.php:22
#: admin/themes/default/collections/show.php:39
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/show.php:42
msgid "Total Number of Items"
msgstr "Suma înregistrărilor"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/browse.php:25
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/browse.php:17
msgid "Edit?"
msgstr "Editezi?"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/browse.php:44
msgid "No collectors"
msgstr "Niciun culegător"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/browse.php:57
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:150
#: admin/themes/default/items/files-form.php:22
#: admin/themes/default/users/browse.php:43
#: admin/themes/default/users/browse.php:58
msgid "Edit"
msgstr "Editează"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/browse.php:68
msgid "There are no collections on this page."
msgstr "Nu sunt colecții în această pagină."
#: admin/themes/default/collections/browse.php:68
msgid "View All Collections"
msgstr "Vezi toate colecțiile"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/browse.php:71
msgid "Add a collection."
msgstr "Adaugă o colecție."
#: admin/themes/default/collections/browse.php:71
msgid "There are no collections in your archive."
msgstr "Nu există colecții în arhivă."
#: admin/themes/default/collections/edit.php:8
#: admin/themes/default/collections/show.php:8
#, php-format
msgid "Edit Collection #%s"
msgstr "Editează colecția #%s"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/edit.php:14
msgid "Delete this Collection"
msgstr "Șterge această colecție"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/edit.php:20
#: admin/themes/default/files/edit.php:41
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/edit.php:20
#: admin/themes/default/items/batch-edit.php:113
#: admin/themes/default/items/edit.php:20
#: admin/themes/default/plugins/config.php:9
#: admin/themes/default/tags/edit.php:28
#: application/controllers/UsersController.php:224
#: application/forms/SecuritySettings.php:70
#: application/forms/ThemeConfiguration.php:67
msgid "Save Changes"
msgstr "Salvează modificările"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/form.php:4
msgid "Collection Details"
msgstr "Detaliile colecției"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/form.php:4
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/form.php:17
#: install/views/scripts/index/index.phtml:13
msgid "Required Fields"
msgstr "Câmpuri obligatorii"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/form.php:7
msgid "Collection Name"
msgstr "Numele colecției"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/form.php:15
msgid "Collection Description"
msgstr "Descrierea colecției"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/form.php:25
msgid ""
"List collectors for this collection (optional - enter one name per line)"
msgstr ""
"Lista culegătorilor pentru această colecție (opțional - un singur nume per "
#: admin/themes/default/collections/form.php:35
#: admin/themes/default/collections/form.php:37
#: admin/themes/default/items/batch-edit.php:42
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:100
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:132
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:177
#: admin/themes/default/items/form.php:37
msgid "Public"
msgstr "Public"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/form.php:37
#: admin/themes/default/items/batch-edit.php:43
msgid "Not Public"
msgstr "Privat"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/form.php:42
#: admin/themes/default/collections/form.php:44
#: admin/themes/default/items/batch-edit.php:54
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:102
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:133
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:182
#: admin/themes/default/items/form.php:43
msgid "Featured"
msgstr "Constituit"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/form.php:44
#: admin/themes/default/items/batch-edit.php:55
msgid "Not Featured"
msgstr "Neconstituit"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/show.php:11
#: admin/themes/default/items/show.php:14
msgid "View Public Page"
msgstr "Vizualizează pagina publică"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/show.php:13
msgid "Edit this Collection"
msgstr "Editează această colecție"
#: admin/themes/default/collections/show.php:27
msgid "No collectors."
msgstr "Nu sunt culegători."
#: admin/themes/default/collections/show.php:33
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/show.php:30
#: application/views/scripts/index.php:35
msgid "Recently Added Items"
msgstr "Înregistrări adăugate recent"
#: admin/themes/default/common/footer.php:4
msgid "Documentation"
msgstr "Documentație"
#: admin/themes/default/common/footer.php:4
#: admin/themes/default/common/login-footer.php:4
msgid "Powered by Omeka"
msgstr "Motorizat de Omeka"
#: admin/themes/default/common/footer.php:4
msgid "Support Forums"
msgstr "Forumuri de sprijin"
#: admin/themes/default/common/footer.php:6
#: admin/themes/default/common/login-footer.php:4
#: admin/themes/default/plugins/plugin-info.php:65
#, php-format
msgid "Version %s"
msgstr "Versiunea %s"
#: admin/themes/default/common/footer.php:9
msgid "More information about your system"
msgstr "Mai multe informații despre sistem"
#: admin/themes/default/common/header.php:5
msgid "Omeka Admin"
msgstr "Administratorul Omeka"
#: admin/themes/default/common/header.php:24
msgid "Skip Navigation"
msgstr "Sari navigarea"
#: admin/themes/default/common/header.php:33
msgid "Log Out"
msgstr "Log out"
#: admin/themes/default/common/header.php:33
#, php-format
msgid "Welcome, %s"
msgstr "Bine ai venit %s"
#: admin/themes/default/common/header.php:36 admin/themes/default/index.php:58
msgid "Settings"
msgstr "Setări"
#: admin/themes/default/common/header.php:38
msgid "View Public Site"
msgstr "Vizualizează siteul public"
#: admin/themes/default/common/primary-nav.php:5
#: admin/themes/default/index.php:21
#: admin/themes/default/items/batch-edit.php:14
msgid "Items"
msgstr "Înregistrări"
#: admin/themes/default/common/primary-nav.php:6
#: admin/themes/default/index.php:32
msgid "Collections"
msgstr "Colecții"
#: admin/themes/default/common/primary-nav.php:7
msgid "Item Types"
msgstr "Tipuri de înregistrări"
#: admin/themes/default/common/primary-nav.php:8
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:166
#: admin/themes/default/items/show.php:69
#: application/views/scripts/items/browse.php:39
#: application/views/scripts/items/show.php:26
msgid "Tags"
msgstr "Etichete"
#: admin/themes/default/common/settings-nav.php:6
msgid "General Settings"
msgstr "Setări generale"
#: admin/themes/default/common/settings-nav.php:8
msgid "Plugins"
msgstr "Pluginuri"
#: admin/themes/default/common/settings-nav.php:11
msgid "Themes"
msgstr "Teme"
#: admin/themes/default/common/settings-nav.php:14
#: admin/themes/default/index.php:45
msgid "Users"
msgstr "Utilizatori"
#: admin/themes/default/common/settings-nav.php:17
msgid "Element Sets"
msgstr "Seturi de elemente"
#: admin/themes/default/common/settings-nav.php:20
msgid "Security Settings"
msgstr "Setări de securitate"
#: admin/themes/default/common/tags-nav.php:3
#: admin/themes/default/tags/browse.php:2
msgid "Browse Tags"
msgstr "Vezi etichetele"
#: admin/themes/default/common/tags-nav.php:5
#: admin/themes/default/tags/edit.php:2
msgid "Edit Tag"
msgstr "Editează eticheta"
#: admin/themes/default/common/tags-nav.php:8
#: admin/themes/default/tags/delete.php:2
#: admin/themes/default/tags/delete.php:21
msgid "Delete Tag"
msgstr "Șterge eticheta"
#: admin/themes/default/element-sets/browse.php:2
msgid "Browse Element Sets"
msgstr "Treci prin setul de elemente"
#: admin/themes/default/element-sets/browse.php:14
#: admin/themes/default/items/batch-edit.php:101
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:153
#: admin/themes/default/items/files-form.php:14
#: admin/themes/default/users/browse.php:46
#: application/helpers/FormFunctions.php:574
msgid "Delete"
msgstr "Șterge"
#: admin/themes/default/error/403.php:2
msgid "403: Forbidden"
msgstr "403: Interzis"
#: admin/themes/default/error/403.php:9
msgid "Sorry, you do not have permission to access this page."
msgstr "Nu ai permisunea de a accesa această pagină"
#: admin/themes/default/error/403.php:12 admin/themes/default/error/404.php:12
#: admin/themes/default/error/405.php:10
msgid "site administrator"
msgstr "administratorul siteului"
#: admin/themes/default/error/403.php:13
#, php-format
msgid "If you think you should have permission, try contacting the %s."
msgstr "Dacă crezi că ar trebui să ai permisiunea, contactează %s."
#: admin/themes/default/error/404.php:2
msgid "404: Page Not Found"
msgstr "404: Pagină inexistentă"
#: admin/themes/default/error/404.php:9
msgid ""
"You&#8217;ve tried to access a page that does not seem to exist. Sometimes "
"this happens. Below is a quick break-down of the items, collections, and "
"exhibits on this site."
msgstr ""
"Ai încercat să accesezi o pagină care pare să nu existe. Uneori acest lucru "
"se mai întâmplă. Mai jos sunt detaliate înregistrările, colecțiile și "
"expozițiile acestui site."
#: admin/themes/default/error/404.php:13
#, php-format
msgid "If this does not help, try contacting the %s."
msgstr "Dacă nu e clar, contactează %s."
#: admin/themes/default/error/404.php:15 admin/themes/default/index.php:88
msgid "Recent Items"
msgstr "Înregistrări recente"
#: admin/themes/default/error/404.php:25
msgid "Recent Collections"
msgstr "Colecții recente"
#: admin/themes/default/error/405.php:2
msgid "405: Method Not Allowed"
msgstr "405: Metodă nepermisă"
#: admin/themes/default/error/405.php:11
#, php-format
msgid ""
"You must use a different method to access this URL. If you reached this page"
" by following a link or clicking a button in Omeka, please contact the %s."
msgstr ""
"Folosește o altă metodă de acces pentru acest URL. Dacă ai ajuns pe această "
"pagină urmârind un link sau ai apăsat pe un buton în Omeka, contactează %s."
#: admin/themes/default/files/edit.php:8
#, php-format
msgid "Edit File #%s"
msgstr "Editează fișierul #%s"
#: admin/themes/default/files/edit.php:17
msgid "Delete this File"
msgstr "Șterge acest fișier"
#: admin/themes/default/files/edit.php:27
#: application/views/scripts/functions.php:54
msgid "Dublin Core"
msgstr "Dublin Core"
#: admin/themes/default/files/edit.php:32
msgid "Format (Legacy) Metadata"
msgstr "Format de metadate (compatibil)"
#: admin/themes/default/files/show.php:9
#: application/views/scripts/files/show.php:9
#, php-format
msgid "File #%s"
msgstr "Fișierul #$%s"
#: admin/themes/default/files/show.php:15
msgid "Edit this File"
msgstr "Editează acest fișier"
#: admin/themes/default/files/show.php:23
#: application/views/scripts/files/show.php:55
msgid "File History"
msgstr "Istoricul fișierului"
#: admin/themes/default/files/show.php:26
#: application/views/scripts/files/show.php:61
msgid "Date Modified"
msgstr "Data modificării"
#: admin/themes/default/files/show.php:28
#: application/views/scripts/files/show.php:65
msgid "Authentication"
msgstr "Autentificare"
#: admin/themes/default/files/show.php:36
msgid "Format Metadata"
msgstr "Formatare metadate"
#: admin/themes/default/files/show.php:38
#: application/views/scripts/files/show.php:23
msgid "Archive Filename"
msgstr "Numele fișierului de arhivă"
#: admin/themes/default/files/show.php:39
#: application/views/scripts/files/show.php:28
msgid "Original Filename"
msgstr "Numele original al fișierului"
#: admin/themes/default/files/show.php:40
#: application/views/scripts/files/show.php:33
msgid "File Size"
msgstr "Dimensiune fișier"
#: admin/themes/default/files/show.php:45
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/show.php:20
#: application/views/scripts/files/show.php:39
msgid "Type Metadata"
msgstr "Metadate aferente tip"
#: admin/themes/default/files/show.php:47
#: application/views/scripts/files/show.php:41
msgid "Mime Type / Browser"
msgstr "Mime Type / Browser"
#: admin/themes/default/files/show.php:48
#: application/views/scripts/files/show.php:45
msgid "Mime Type / OS"
msgstr "Mime Type / OS"
#: admin/themes/default/files/show.php:49
#: application/views/scripts/files/show.php:49
msgid "File Type / OS"
msgstr "Tip fișier / OS"
#: admin/themes/default/files/show.php:54
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:201
#: admin/themes/default/items/show.php:110
msgid "Output Formats"
msgstr "Formate de ieșire"
#: admin/themes/default/index.php:2
msgid "Dashboard"
msgstr "Tablou operator"
#: admin/themes/default/index.php:12
msgid "A new version of Omeka is available for download."
msgstr "O nouă versiune Omeka este gata pentru descărcare."
#: admin/themes/default/index.php:13
#, php-format
msgid "Upgrade to %s"
msgstr "Actualizare la %s"
#: admin/themes/default/index.php:19
msgid "Getting Started with Omeka"
msgstr "La start cu Omeka"
#: admin/themes/default/index.php:24
msgid "Add a new item to your archive"
msgstr "Adaugă o înregistrare nouă în arhivă"
#: admin/themes/default/index.php:25
msgid "Browse your items"
msgstr "Răsfoiește prin înregistrări"
#: admin/themes/default/index.php:28
msgid "Manage items in your archive: add, edit, and delete items."
msgstr "Gestionează-ți înregistrările: adaugă, editează și șterge."
#: admin/themes/default/index.php:35
msgid "Add a collection to group items"
msgstr "Adaugă o colecție pentru a grupa înregistrări"
#: admin/themes/default/index.php:36
msgid "Browse your collections"
msgstr "Treci prin colecții"
#: admin/themes/default/index.php:39
msgid "Manage collections in your archive: add, edit, and delete collections."
msgstr ""
"Gestionează colecțiile arhivei: adaugă, editează și șterge colecțiile."
#: admin/themes/default/index.php:48 admin/themes/default/users/browse.php:2
msgid "Browse Users"
msgstr "Vezi utilizatorii"
#: admin/themes/default/index.php:50 admin/themes/default/users/browse.php:6
msgid "Add a User"
msgstr "Adaugă un utilizator"
#: admin/themes/default/index.php:53
msgid "Manage users of various levels: from researcher to super."
msgstr ""
"Gestionează utilizatorii la diferite niveluri: de la cercetător, la super."
#: admin/themes/default/index.php:61 admin/themes/default/settings/edit.php:2
msgid "Edit General Settings"
msgstr "Modifică setările generale"
#: admin/themes/default/index.php:62
msgid "Manage Themes"
msgstr "Gestionează temele"
#: admin/themes/default/index.php:63
msgid "Manage Plugins"
msgstr "Gestionează pluginuri"
#: admin/themes/default/index.php:65
msgid ""
"Manage your general settings for the site, including title, description, and"
" themes."
msgstr ""
"Aranjează setările generale pentru site, incluzând titlul, descrierea și "
#: admin/themes/default/index.php:75
msgid "Site Overview"
msgstr "Privire generală asupra siteului"
#: admin/themes/default/index.php:85
#, php-format
msgid ""
"<em>%1$s</em> contains %2$s items, in %3$s collections, tagged with %4$s "
"keywords. There are %5$s users."
msgstr ""
"<em>%1$s</em> cuprinzând %2$s înregistrări în %3$s colecții, etichetate prin"
" %4$s cuvinte cheie. Sunt %5$s utilizatori."
#: admin/themes/default/index.php:91
msgid "There are no items to display."
msgstr "Nu există înregistrări pentru a fi afișate."
#: admin/themes/default/index.php:102 application/views/scripts/index.php:71
msgid "View All Items"
msgstr "Vezi toate înregistrările"
#: admin/themes/default/index.php:107
msgid "Recent Tags"
msgstr "Etichetele noi"
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/add-existing-element.php:7
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/add-new-element.php:7
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/element-list.php:10
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/element-list.php:24
#: application/helpers/ElementForm.php:406
msgid "Remove"
msgstr "Elimină"
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/add.php:2
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/add.php:10
msgid "Add Item Type"
msgstr "Adaugă tip de înregistrare"
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/browse.php:2
msgid "Browse Item Types"
msgstr "Vezi tipurile de înregistrări"
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/browse.php:6
msgid "Add an Item Type"
msgstr "Adaugă un tip de înregistrare"
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/browse.php:13
msgid "Type Name"
msgstr "Numele tipului"
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/browse.php:15
msgid "Total Items"
msgstr "Toate înregistrările"
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/edit.php:8
#, php-format
msgid "Edit Item Type #%s"
msgstr "Editează tipul de înregistrare #%s"
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/edit.php:14
msgid "Delete this Item Type"
msgstr "Șterge acest tip de înregistrare"
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/element-form.php:3
msgid "Add an Element to this Item Type"
msgstr "Adaugă un element la acest tip de înregistrare"
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/element-form.php:6
msgid "Choose an existing element"
msgstr "Alege un element existent"
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/element-form.php:14
msgid "Or Create a new Element"
msgstr "Sau scrie un element nou"
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/element-form.php:31
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/element-list.php:7
msgid "Data Type"
msgstr "Tip de date"
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/element-form.php:40
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/element-list.php:61
msgid "Add Element"
msgstr "Adaugă element"
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/element-list.php:1
msgid "Edit Current Elements"
msgstr "Editează elementele existente"
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/element-list.php:5
msgid "Element Name"
msgstr "Nume element"
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/element-list.php:8
msgid "Order"
msgstr "Ordinea"
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/element-list.php:59
msgid "Existing"
msgstr "Existente"
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/element-list.php:60
msgid "New"
msgstr "Nou"
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/form.php:17
msgid "Item Type Information"
msgstr " Informații despre tipul înregistrării"
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/form.php:35
msgid "Elements"
msgstr "Elemente"
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/show.php:8
#, php-format
msgid "Item Type #%s"
msgstr "Tip de înregistrare #%s"
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/show.php:13
msgid "Edit this Item Type"
msgstr "Editează acest tip de înregistrare"
#: admin/themes/default/item-types/show.php:39
msgid "There are no recently added items."
msgstr "Nu există înregistrări adăugate recent."
#: admin/themes/default/items/add.php:2
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:6
msgid "Add an Item"
msgstr "Adaugă o înregistrare"
#: admin/themes/default/items/add.php:12
msgid "Add Item"
msgstr "Adaugă înregistrare"
#: admin/themes/default/items/batch-edit.php:2
msgid "Batch Edit Items"
msgstr "Editează grupe de înregistrări"
#: admin/themes/default/items/batch-edit.php:15
msgid "Changes will be applied to checked items."
msgstr "Modificările vor fi aplicate înregistrărilor bifate."
#: admin/themes/default/items/batch-edit.php:36
msgid "Item Metadata"
msgstr "Metadatele înregistrării"
#: admin/themes/default/items/batch-edit.php:39
msgid "Public?"
msgstr "Public?"
#: admin/themes/default/items/batch-edit.php:41
#: admin/themes/default/items/batch-edit.php:53
#: admin/themes/default/items/batch-edit.php:65
#: admin/themes/default/items/batch-edit.php:78
msgid "Select Below"
msgstr "Selectează de mai jos"
#: admin/themes/default/items/batch-edit.php:51
msgid "Featured?"
msgstr "Constituit?"
#: admin/themes/default/items/batch-edit.php:62
#: admin/themes/default/items/item-type-form.php:2
msgid "Item Type"
msgstr "Tipul înregistrării"
#: admin/themes/default/items/batch-edit.php:70
#: admin/themes/default/items/batch-edit.php:83
msgid "Remove?"
msgstr "Scoți?"
#: admin/themes/default/items/batch-edit.php:75
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:165
#: admin/themes/default/items/collection-form.php:2
#: admin/themes/default/items/show.php:62
#: application/views/scripts/items/show.php:18
msgid "Collection"
msgstr "Colecție"
#: admin/themes/default/items/batch-edit.php:88
#: admin/themes/default/items/tag-form.php:11
#: admin/themes/default/items/tag-form.php:13
msgid "Add Tags"
msgstr "Adaugă etichete"
#: admin/themes/default/items/batch-edit.php:90
#, php-format
msgid "List of tags to add to all checked items, separated by %s."
msgstr ""
"Lista etichetelor pentru a fi adăugate înregistrărilor bifate separate prin "
#: admin/themes/default/items/batch-edit.php:98
msgid "Delete Items"
msgstr "Șterge înregistrări"
#: admin/themes/default/items/batch-edit.php:99
msgid "Check if you wish to delete selected items."
msgstr "Bifează dacă dorești să ștergi înregistrările selectate."
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:2
#: application/views/scripts/common/footer.php:6
#: application/views/scripts/functions.php:98
#: application/views/scripts/items/browse.php:2
#: application/views/scripts/items/tags.php:2
msgid "Browse Items"
msgstr "Vezi înregistrările"
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:13
msgid "Toggle"
msgstr "Comută"
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:14
msgid "Details"
msgstr "Detalii"
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:15
msgid "Show Details"
msgstr "Arată detaliile"
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:16
msgid "Hide Details"
msgstr "Ascunde detaliile"
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:96
msgid "Quick Filter"
msgstr "Filtru rapid"
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:99
msgid "All"
msgstr "Toate"
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:101
msgid "Private"
msgstr "Privat"
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:109
#: application/helpers/LinkFunctions.php:63
#: application/views/scripts/items/advanced-search.php:2
msgid "Advanced Search"
msgstr "Căutare avansată"
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:117
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:193
msgid "Edit Selected Items"
msgstr "Editează înregistrările selectate"
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:126
msgid "Select"
msgstr "Selectează"
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:165
#: admin/themes/default/items/show.php:64
msgid "No Collection"
msgstr "Nicio colecție"
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:166
msgid "No Tags"
msgstr "Nicio etichetă"
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:207
msgid "There are no items in the archive yet."
msgstr "Încă nu există înregistrări în arhivă."
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:210
msgid "Add an item."
msgstr "Adaugă o înregistrare"
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:215
#, php-format
msgid "The query searched %s items and returned no results."
msgstr "Căutarea s-a făcut pe %s înregistrări fără rezultat."
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:215
#, php-format
msgid "Would you like to %s?"
msgstr "Dorești să %s?"
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:215
msgid "refine your search"
msgstr "detaliază căutarea"
#: admin/themes/default/items/edit.php:3 admin/themes/default/items/show.php:3
#: application/helpers/LinkFunctions.php:271
#: application/views/scripts/functions.php:14
msgid "[Untitled]"
msgstr "[Fără titlu]"
#: admin/themes/default/items/edit.php:8
#, php-format
msgid "Edit Item #%s"
msgstr "Editează înregistrarea #%s"
#: admin/themes/default/items/edit.php:12
msgid "Delete this Item"
msgstr "Șterge această înregistrare"
#: admin/themes/default/items/files-form.php:4
msgid ""
"The path to Image Magick has not been set. No derivative images will be "
"created. If you would like Omeka to create derivative images, please add the"
" path to your settings form."
msgstr ""
"Nu a fost setată calea către Image Magick. Nu vor fi create imagini "
"derivate. Dacă dorești ca Omeka să genereze imagini, adaugă calea în "
"formularul setărilor. "
#: admin/themes/default/items/files-form.php:7
msgid "Current Files"
msgstr "Fișierele existente"
#: admin/themes/default/items/files-form.php:12
msgid "File Name"
msgstr "Nume fișier"
#: admin/themes/default/items/files-form.php:13
msgid "Edit File Metadata"
msgstr "Editează metadatele fișierului"
#: admin/themes/default/items/files-form.php:34
msgid "Add New Files"
msgstr "Adaugă alte fișiere"
#: admin/themes/default/items/files-form.php:37
#: admin/themes/default/items/files-form.php:48
msgid "Find a File"
msgstr "Caută un fișier"
#: admin/themes/default/items/form.php:21
msgid "Add Another File"
msgstr "Adaugă alt fișier"
#: admin/themes/default/items/item-type-form.php:8
msgid "Pick this type"
msgstr "Alege acest tip"
#: admin/themes/default/items/show.php:8
#, php-format
msgid "Item #%s"
msgstr "Înregistrarea #%s"
#: admin/themes/default/items/show.php:18
msgid "Edit this Item"
msgstr "Editează această înregistrare"
#: admin/themes/default/items/show.php:55
msgid "Bibliographic Citation"
msgstr "Referințe bibliografice"
#: admin/themes/default/items/show.php:76
#: admin/themes/default/items/tag-form.php:18
msgid "My Tags"
msgstr "Etichetele mele"
#: admin/themes/default/items/show.php:85
msgid "Save Tags"
msgstr "Salvează etichetele"
#: admin/themes/default/items/show.php:95
#: admin/themes/default/items/show.php:102
msgid "View File Metadata"
msgstr "Vezi metadatele fișierului"
#: admin/themes/default/items/show.php:98
msgid "Add a File"
msgstr "Adaugă un fișier"
#: admin/themes/default/items/show.php:98
msgid "There are no files for this item yet."
msgstr "Deocamdată nu sunt fișiere pentru această înregistrare"
#: admin/themes/default/items/tag-form.php:14
#, php-format
msgid "Separate tags with %s"
msgstr "Separă etichetele prin %s"
#: admin/themes/default/items/tag-form.php:42
#: admin/themes/default/items/tag-list.php:2
msgid "All Tags"
msgstr "Toate etichetele"
#: admin/themes/default/items/tags.php:2
msgid "Browse Items by Tag"
msgstr "Răsfoiește înregistrările după etichete"
#: admin/themes/default/items/tags.php:9
#: admin/themes/default/tags/browse.php:27
msgid "There are no tags to display. You must first tag some items."
msgstr ""
"Nu există etichete care să fie afișate. Mai întâi trebuie să etichetezi "
"câteva înregistrări."
#: admin/themes/default/plugins/browse.php:2
msgid "Browse Plugins"
msgstr "Vezi pluginurile"
#: admin/themes/default/plugins/browse.php:21
msgid ""
"You do not have any plugins installed. Add them to the plugins directory to "
"see them listed here."
msgstr ""
"Nu ai niciun plugin instalat. Adaugă-le în directorul plugins pentru a le "
"vedea aici"
#: admin/themes/default/plugins/browse.php:24
msgid ""
"Add new plugins by downloading them from the <a href=\""
"ons/plugins/\">Omeka Plugins Directory</a>, or <a "
"href=\"\">write your "
msgstr ""
"Adaugă noi pluginuri descărcându-le de la <a href=\""
"ons/plugins/\">Omeka Plugins Directory</a> sau <a "
"href=\"\">scrie tu "
"altele urmând</a>!"
#: admin/themes/default/plugins/config.php:2
#, php-format
msgid "Configure the &#8220;%s&#8221; Plugin"
msgstr "Configurează pluginul &#8220;%s&#8221;"
#: admin/themes/default/plugins/confirm-uninstall.php:2
#, php-format
msgid "Confirm %s Uninstall"
msgstr "Confirmă dezinstalarea lui %s"
#: admin/themes/default/plugins/confirm-uninstall.php:8
msgid "Are you sure you want to uninstall this plugin?"
msgstr "Ești sigur că vrei să dezinstalezi pluginul?"
#: admin/themes/default/plugins/confirm-uninstall.php:13
msgid "Yes, I want to uninstall this plugin."
msgstr "Da, vreau să dezinstalez pluginul"
#: admin/themes/default/plugins/confirm-uninstall.php:16
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr "Anulează"
#: admin/themes/default/plugins/confirm-uninstall.php:16
#: admin/themes/default/plugins/plugin-info.php:107
msgid "Uninstall"
msgstr "Dezinstalează"
#: admin/themes/default/plugins/confirm-uninstall.php:16
msgid "or"
msgstr "sau"
#: admin/themes/default/plugins/plugin-info.php:24
#, php-format
msgid "This version of %1$s requires at least Omeka %2$s."
msgstr "Această versiune de %1$s necesită ca Omeka să fie cel puțin %2$s."
#: admin/themes/default/plugins/plugin-info.php:27
#, php-format
msgid ""
"%1$s requires the following plugins to be installed, activated, and loaded: "
msgstr ""
"%1$s necesită ca următoarele pluginuri să fie instalate, activate și "
"încărcate: %2$s"
#: admin/themes/default/plugins/plugin-info.php:30
msgid "The plugin.php file is missing."
msgstr "Fișierul plugin.php lipsește."
#: admin/themes/default/plugins/plugin-info.php:39
#, php-format
msgid "The %s plugin cannot be loaded for the following reasons:"
msgstr "Pluginul %s nu poate fi încărcate din următoarele motive:"
#: admin/themes/default/plugins/plugin-info.php:48
#, php-format
msgid "You have a new version of %s. Please upgrade!"
msgstr "Există o versiune nouă a lui %s. Actualizează!"
#: admin/themes/default/plugins/plugin-info.php:58
#: admin/themes/default/themes/browse.php:10
msgid "Configure"
msgstr "Configurează"
#: admin/themes/default/plugins/plugin-info.php:69
#, php-format
msgid "By %s"
msgstr "De %s"
#: admin/themes/default/plugins/plugin-info.php:87
msgid "Upgrade"
msgstr "Actualizează"
#: admin/themes/default/plugins/plugin-info.php:97
#: application/views/scripts/users/activate.php:26
msgid "Activate"
msgstr "Activează"
#: admin/themes/default/plugins/plugin-info.php:97
msgid "Deactivate"
msgstr "Dezactivează"
#: admin/themes/default/plugins/plugin-info.php:117
#: application/forms/Install.php:173
msgid "Install"
msgstr "Instalează"
#: admin/themes/default/security/edit.php:2
msgid "Edit Security Settings"
msgstr "Editează setările de securitate"
#: admin/themes/default/security/edit.php:10
msgid "Restore Default File Extensions"
msgstr "Restaurează extensiile la valoarea implicită"
#: admin/themes/default/security/edit.php:15
msgid "Restore Default File Mime Types"
msgstr "Restaurează Mime Type-urile implicite"
#: admin/themes/default/settings/edit.php:10
msgid "Test"
msgstr "Test"
#: admin/themes/default/system-info/index.php:2
msgid "System Information"
msgstr "Informații de sistem"
#: admin/themes/default/tags/browse.php:8
msgid "Sort by"
msgstr "Sortează după"
#: admin/themes/default/tags/browse.php:11
msgid "Most"
msgstr "Frecvent"
#: admin/themes/default/tags/browse.php:12
msgid "Least"
msgstr "Rar"
#: admin/themes/default/tags/browse.php:13
msgid "Alphabetical"
msgstr "Alfabetic"
#: admin/themes/default/tags/browse.php:14
msgid "Recent"
msgstr "Recent"
#: admin/themes/default/tags/delete.php:11
msgid "Select a tag to delete:"
msgstr "Alege o etichetă pentru ștergere"
#: admin/themes/default/tags/delete.php:25
msgid "There are no tags to delete. You must first tag some items."
msgstr ""
"Nu sunt etichete pentru a fi șterse. Mai întâi etichetează câteva "
#: admin/themes/default/tags/edit.php:12
msgid "Choose a tag to rename"
msgstr "Alege o etichetă pentru a o redenumi"
#: admin/themes/default/tags/edit.php:22
msgid "Enter a new tag name"
msgstr "Introdu noul nume"
#: admin/themes/default/tags/edit.php:32
msgid "There are no tags to edit. You must first tag some items."
msgstr ""
"Nu există etichete pentru a fi editate. Mai întâi etichetează câteva "
#: admin/themes/default/themes/browse.php:2
msgid "Browse Themes"
msgstr "Vezi temele"
#: admin/themes/default/themes/browse.php:10
msgid "Current Theme"
msgstr "Tema utilizată"
#: admin/themes/default/themes/browse.php:13
#: admin/themes/default/themes/browse.php:38
#, php-format
msgid "Screenshot for %s Theme"
msgstr "Captură de ecran pentru tema %s"
#: admin/themes/default/themes/browse.php:16
#: admin/themes/default/themes/browse.php:32
msgid "Author"
msgstr "Autor"
#: admin/themes/default/themes/browse.php:17
#: admin/themes/default/themes/browse.php:33
msgid "License"
msgstr "Licență"
#: admin/themes/default/themes/browse.php:18
#: admin/themes/default/themes/browse.php:34
msgid "Website"
msgstr "Site"
#: admin/themes/default/themes/browse.php:23
msgid "Change Theme"
msgstr "Modifică tema"
#: admin/themes/default/themes/browse.php:44
msgid "Switch Theme"
msgstr "Schimbă tema"
#: admin/themes/default/themes/browse.php:48
msgid ""
"Add new themes by downloading them from the <a href=\""
"ons/themes/\">Omeka Theme Directory</a>, or <a "
"href=\"\">design your "
msgstr ""
"Adaugă noi teme descărcându-le de la <a href=\""
"ons/themes/\">Omeka Theme Directory</a> sau <a "
"href=\"\">scrieți "
"propriile teme</a>!"
#: admin/themes/default/themes/config.php:2
#, php-format
msgid "Configure the &#8220;%s&#8221; Theme"
msgstr "Configurează tema &#8220;%s&#8221;"
#: admin/themes/default/themes/config.php:9
msgid "Configurations apply to this theme only."
msgstr "Configurările se aplică doar acestei teme"
#: admin/themes/default/users/add.php:2
msgid "Add New User"
msgstr "Adaugă un utilizator nou"
#: admin/themes/default/users/browse.php:13
msgid "Search Users"
msgstr "Caută utilizator"
#: admin/themes/default/users/browse.php:15
msgid "Select Role"
msgstr "Selectează rolul"
#: admin/themes/default/users/browse.php:17
msgid "Active"
msgstr "Activ"
#: admin/themes/default/users/browse.php:17
msgid "Inactive"
msgstr "Inactiv"
#: admin/themes/default/users/browse.php:17
msgid "Select Status"
msgstr "Selectează starea"
#: admin/themes/default/users/browse.php:19
msgid "Sort By"
msgstr "Sortează după"
#: admin/themes/default/users/browse.php:20 application/forms/User.php:78
msgid "First Name"
msgstr "Nume"
#: admin/themes/default/users/browse.php:21 application/forms/User.php:91
msgid "Last Name"
msgstr "Prenume"
#: admin/themes/default/users/browse.php:22
msgid "Institution Name"
msgstr "Numele Instituției"
#: admin/themes/default/users/browse.php:23
#: admin/themes/default/users/browse.php:41 application/forms/User.php:143
msgid "Role"
msgstr "Rol"
#: admin/themes/default/users/browse.php:24
#: admin/themes/default/users/browse.php:38
#: admin/themes/default/users/show.php:22 application/forms/Install.php:35
#: application/forms/Login.php:25 application/forms/User.php:28
msgid "Username"
msgstr "Nume de utilizator"
#: admin/themes/default/users/browse.php:26
msgid "Sort Order"
msgstr "Ordinea de sortare"
#: admin/themes/default/users/browse.php:27
msgid "Ascending"
msgstr "Ascendent"
#: admin/themes/default/users/browse.php:28
msgid "Descending"
msgstr "Descendent"
#: admin/themes/default/users/browse.php:29
#: application/helpers/FormFunctions.php:271
#: application/views/scripts/items/advanced-search.php:167
msgid "Search"
msgstr "Caută"
#: admin/themes/default/users/browse.php:39
#: admin/themes/default/users/show.php:24
msgid "Real Name"
msgstr "Nume real"
#: admin/themes/default/users/browse.php:40
#: admin/themes/default/users/show.php:26 application/forms/Install.php:79
#: application/forms/RecoverPassword.php:32 application/forms/User.php:105
#: application/views/scripts/users/forgot-password.php:14
msgid "Email"
msgstr "Email"
#: admin/themes/default/users/edit.php:8
#, php-format
msgid "Edit User #%s"
msgstr "Editează utilizatorul #%s"
#: admin/themes/default/users/show.php:8
#, php-format
msgid "User #%s"
msgstr "Utilizatorul #%s"
#: admin/themes/default/users/show.php:15
msgid "Edit this User"
msgstr "Editează acest utilizator"
#: admin/themes/default/users/show.php:28 application/forms/User.php:137
msgid "Institution"
msgstr "Instituție"
#: application/controllers/CollectionsController.php:31
#, php-format
msgid "The collection \"%s\" was successfully added!"
msgstr "Colecția \"%s\" a fost adăugată cu succes!"
#: application/controllers/CollectionsController.php:37
#, php-format
msgid "The collection \"%s\" was successfully changed!"
msgstr "Colecția \"%s\" a fost modificată cu succes!"
#: application/controllers/CollectionsController.php:43
#, php-format
msgid "The collection \"%s\" was successfully deleted!"
msgstr "Colecția \"%s\" a fost ștearsă fără probleme!"
#: application/controllers/CollectionsController.php:48
msgid ""
"This will delete the collection and its associated metadata. This will not "
"delete any items in this collection, but will delete the reference to this "
"collection in each item."
msgstr ""
"Acest lucru va șterge colecția și metadatele asociate. Aceasta nu va șterge "
"nicio înregistrare din colecție, dar va șterge referința către această "
"colecție în fiecare dintre ele."
#: application/controllers/ElementSetsController.php:26
msgid ""
"This will delete the element set and all elements assigned to the element "
"set. Items will lose all metadata that is specific to this element set."
msgstr ""
"Aceasta va șterge setul de elemente și toate elementele atribuite acestuia. "
"Înregistrările vor pierde toate metadatele care sunt specifice acestui set "
"de elemente."
#: application/controllers/ErrorController.php:66
msgid "Page not found."
msgstr "Pagină inexistentă."
#: application/controllers/ErrorController.php:85
msgid "Access denied."
msgstr "Acces interzis."
#: application/controllers/ItemTypesController.php:38
msgid ""
"This will delete the item type but will not delete the elements assigned to "
"the item type. Items that are assigned to this item type will lose all "
"metadata that is specific to the item type."
msgstr ""
"Aceasta va șterge tipul de înregistrare dar nu va șterge elementele "
"atribuite lui. Înregistrările care sunt asignate acestui tip vor pierde și "
"ele metadatele specifice tipului în cauză."
#: application/controllers/ItemTypesController.php:58
#, php-format
msgid ""
"The item type \"%s\" was successfully added! You may now add elements to "
"your new item type."
msgstr ""
"Tipul de înregistrare \"%s\" a fost adăugată cu succes! În acest moment poți"
" adăuga elemente noi la noul tău tip de înregistrare."
#: application/controllers/ItemTypesController.php:94
#, php-format
msgid "The item type \"%s\" was successfully changed!"
msgstr "Tipul de înregistrare \"%s\" a fost modificat cu succes! "
#: application/controllers/ItemTypesController.php:115
#: application/controllers/ItemTypesController.php:123
#, php-format
msgid "The item type cannot have more than one \"%s\" element."
msgstr "Tipul de înregistrare nu poate avea mai mult de o înregistrare „%s”. "
#: application/controllers/ItemsController.php:108
msgid "The item was successfully added!"
msgstr "Înregistrarea a fost adăugată cu succes!"
#: application/controllers/ItemsController.php:113
msgid "The item was successfully changed!"
msgstr "Înregistrarea a fost modificată cu succes!"
#: application/controllers/ItemsController.php:118
msgid "The item was successfully deleted!"
msgstr "Înregistrarea a fost ștearsă cu succes!"
#: application/controllers/ItemsController.php:123
msgid ""
"This will delete the item and its associated metadata. It will also delete "
"all files and file metadata associated with this item."
msgstr ""
"Aceasta ca șterge înregistrarea și metadatele asociate. Va șterge și toate "
"fișierele, precum și metadatele asociate."
#: application/controllers/ItemsController.php:266
msgid "User does not have permission to add tags."
msgstr "Utilizatorul nu are permisiunea de a adăuga etichete."
#: application/controllers/ItemsController.php:299
msgid "You must choose some items to batch edit."
msgstr "Trebuie să alegi câteva înregistrări pentru a le edita în grup."
#: application/controllers/ItemsController.php:338
msgid "User is not allowed to modify visibility of items."
msgstr ""
"Utilizatorului nu îi este permisă modificarea vizibilității înregistrărilor"
#: application/controllers/ItemsController.php:343
msgid "User is not allowed to modify featured status of items."
msgstr ""
"Utilizatorului nu îi este permisă modificarea stării de constituit a unei "
#: application/controllers/ItemsController.php:350
msgid "User is not allowed to delete selected items."
msgstr "Utilizatorului nu îi este permisă ștergerea elementelor selectate."
#: application/controllers/ItemsController.php:356
msgid "User is not allowed to edit selected items."
msgstr "Utilizatorului nu îi este permisă editarea înregistrărilor selectate."
#: application/controllers/ItemsController.php:361
msgid "User is not allowed to tag selected items."
msgstr ""
"Utilizatorului nu îi este permisă etichetarea înregistrărilor selectate."
#: application/controllers/ItemsController.php:384
msgid "The items were successfully changed!"
msgstr "Înregistrările au fost modificate cu succes!"
#: application/controllers/PluginsController.php:49
#, php-format
msgid ""
"Error in configuring plugin named \"%s\". Missing config and/or config_form "
msgstr ""
"A apărut o eroare la configurarea pluginului numit \"%s\". Configurări lipsă"
" sau cuplă(e) config_form."
#: application/controllers/PluginsController.php:55
#, php-format
msgid "The %s plugin was successfully configured!"
msgstr "Pluginul %s a fost configurat cu succes!"
#: application/controllers/PluginsController.php:70
#, php-format
msgid "The %s plugin has already been installed."
msgstr "Pluginul %s a fost deja instalat."
#: application/controllers/PluginsController.php:76
#, php-format
msgid "The %s plugin was successfully installed!"
msgstr "Pluginul %s a fost instalat cu succes!"
#: application/controllers/PluginsController.php:86
#, php-format
msgid "The following error occurred while installing the %s plugin: "
msgstr "La instalarea pluginului %s au apărut următoarele erori:"
#: application/controllers/PluginsController.php:111
#, php-format
msgid "The %s plugin was successfully activated!"
msgstr "Pluginul %s a fost activat cu succes!"
#: application/controllers/PluginsController.php:113
#, php-format
msgid "The %s plugin was activated, but could not be loaded: "
msgstr "Pluginul %s a fost activat, dar nu a putut fi încărcat:"
#: application/controllers/PluginsController.php:116
#, php-format
msgid "The following error occurred while activating the %s plugin: "
msgstr "A apărut următoarea eroare la activarea pluginului %s:"
#: application/controllers/PluginsController.php:137
#, php-format
msgid "The %s plugin was successfully deactivated!"
msgstr "Pluginul %s a fost dezactivat fără probleme!"
#: application/controllers/PluginsController.php:139
#, php-format
msgid "The following error occurred while deactivating the %s plugin: "
msgstr "În timp ce pluginul %s era dezactivat, a apărut următoarea problemă:"
#: application/controllers/PluginsController.php:156
#, php-format
msgid "The %s plugin was successfully upgraded!"
msgstr "Pluginul %s a fost actualizat cu succes!"
#: application/controllers/PluginsController.php:161
#, php-format
msgid "The following error occurred while upgrading the %s plugin: "
msgstr "La actualizarea pluginului %s a apărut următoarea eroare:"
#: application/controllers/PluginsController.php:212
msgid "You must confirm the uninstall before proceeding."
msgstr "Trebuie să confirmi dezinstalarea înainte de a proceda."
#: application/controllers/PluginsController.php:227
#, php-format
msgid "The %s plugin was successfully uninstalled!"
msgstr "Pluginul %s a fost dezinstalat fără probleme!"
#: application/controllers/PluginsController.php:229
#, php-format
msgid "The following error occurred while uninstalling the %s plugin: "
msgstr "A apărut următoarea eroare la momentul dezinstalării pluginului %s:"
#: application/controllers/PluginsController.php:256
msgid "No plugin name given."
msgstr "Nu a fost dat niciun nume pentru plugin."
#: application/controllers/PluginsController.php:269
#, php-format
msgid "The plugin %s must be installed."
msgstr "Pluginul %s trebuie instalat."
#: application/controllers/SecurityController.php:46
msgid "The security settings have been updated."
msgstr "Setările de securitate au fost actualizate."
#: application/controllers/SettingsController.php:44
msgid "The general settings have been updated."
msgstr "Setările generale au fost actualizate."
#: application/controllers/SettingsController.php:46
#: install/views/scripts/index/index.phtml:16
msgid "There were errors found in your form. Please edit and resubmit."
msgstr "Au fost descoperite erori în formular. Editează și trimite din nou."
#: application/controllers/SettingsController.php:70
msgid "Works"
msgstr "Lucrează"
#: application/controllers/SettingsController.php:71
msgid "Fails"
msgstr "A eșuat"
#: application/controllers/TagsController.php:51
#, php-format
msgid "Tag named '%s' was successfully deleted."
msgstr "Eticheta '%s' a fost ștearsă fără probleme."
#: application/controllers/TagsController.php:64
msgid "You have to be logged in to edit tags!"
msgstr "Trebuie să fii logat pentru a edita etichetele!"
#: application/controllers/TagsController.php:101
#, php-format
msgid "Tag named \"%1$s\" was successfully renamed to \"%2$s\"."
msgstr "Eticheta numită \"%1$s\" s fost redenumită în \"%2$s\" fără probleme."
#: application/controllers/TagsController.php:128
msgid "Invalid tagType given"
msgstr "tagType invalid"
#: application/controllers/ThemesController.php:30
msgid "Invalid form submission."
msgstr "A fost trimis un formular nevalid."
#: application/controllers/ThemesController.php:38
msgid "You have chosen an illegal theme name. Please select another theme."
msgstr ""
"Ai ales o denumire nevalidă pentru numele temei. Selectează o altă temă."
#: application/controllers/ThemesController.php:51
msgid "The theme has been successfully changed."
msgstr "Tema a fost modificată fără probleme."
#: application/controllers/ThemesController.php:77
msgid "The theme settings were successfully saved!"
msgstr "Setările temei au fost salvate fără probleme!"
#: application/controllers/UpgradeController.php:57
msgid "SQL error in migration: "
msgstr "Eroare SQL la migrare:"
#: application/controllers/UsersController.php:97
#: application/controllers/UsersController.php:103
msgid ""
"Unable to reset password. Please verify that the information is correct and "
"contact an administrator if necessary."
msgstr ""
"Nu se poate reseta parola. verifică dacă informația este corectă sau dacă "
"este necesar un contact sau administratorul."
#: application/controllers/UsersController.php:129
msgid "Please follow this link to reset your password:"
msgstr "Urmează acest link pentru a reseta parola:"
#: application/controllers/UsersController.php:131
#: application/controllers/UsersController.php:134
#: application/controllers/UsersController.php:298
#, php-format
msgid "%s Administrator"
msgstr "%s Administrator"
#: application/controllers/UsersController.php:135
#, php-format
msgid "[%s] Reset Your Password"
msgstr "[%s] Resetează parola"
#: application/controllers/UsersController.php:138
msgid "Please check your email for a link to reset your password."
msgstr "Verifică mailul pentru linkul de resetare a parolei."
#: application/controllers/UsersController.php:154
msgid "Password: The passwords do not match."
msgstr "Parolă: această parolă nu se potrivește."
#: application/controllers/UsersController.php:160
msgid "You may now log in to Omeka."
msgstr "Acum te poți loga la Omeka."
#: application/controllers/UsersController.php:179
msgid "Add User"
msgstr "Adaugă utilizator"
#: application/controllers/UsersController.php:189
#, php-format
msgid "The user \"%s\" was successfully added!"
msgstr "Utilizatorul \"%s\" a fost adăugat cu succes!"
#: application/controllers/UsersController.php:245
msgid "Password changed!"
msgstr "Parola a fost modificată!"
#: application/controllers/UsersController.php:254
#, php-format
msgid "The user %s was successfully changed!"
msgstr "Utilizatorul %s a fost modificat fără probleme!"
#: application/controllers/UsersController.php:274
#, php-format
msgid "The user \"%s\" was successfully deleted!"
msgstr "Utilizatorul \"%s\" a fost șters fără probleme!"
#: application/controllers/UsersController.php:280
#, php-format
msgid ""
"%s will be deleted from the system. Items, collections, and tags created by "
"this user will remain in the archive, but will no longer be associated with "
"this user."
msgstr ""
"%s va fi șters din sistem. Înregistrările, colecțiile și etichetele create "
"de el vor rămâne în arhivă dar nu vor mai fi asociate cu acest utilizator. "
#: application/controllers/UsersController.php:294
msgid "Welcome!"
msgstr "Bine ai venit!"
#: application/controllers/UsersController.php:296
#, php-format
msgid ""
"Your account for the %s archive has been created. Please click the following"
" link to activate your account:"
msgstr ""
"Contul tău pentru arhiva %s a fost creat. Urmează următorul link pentru a-ți"
" activa contul:"
#: application/controllers/UsersController.php:299
#, php-format
msgid "Activate your account with the %s archive"
msgstr "Activează-și contul la arhiva %s"
#: application/forms/ChangePassword.php:35
msgid "Current Password"
msgstr "Parola existentă"
#: application/forms/ChangePassword.php:44
msgid "New Password"
msgstr "Parola nouă"
#: application/forms/ChangePassword.php:78
msgid "Repeat New Password"
msgstr "Repetă parola nouă"
#: application/forms/ChangePassword.php:86
msgid "Save Password"
msgstr "Salvează parola"
#: application/forms/ChangePassword.php:95
msgid "Change Password"
msgstr "Modifică parola"
#: application/forms/GeneralSettings.php:28 application/forms/Install.php:85
msgid "Site Title"
msgstr "Titlul siteului"
#: application/forms/GeneralSettings.php:32 application/forms/Install.php:90
msgid "Site Description"
msgstr "Descrierea siteului"
#: application/forms/GeneralSettings.php:36 application/forms/Install.php:94
msgid "Administrator Email"
msgstr "Emailul administratorului"
#: application/forms/GeneralSettings.php:42 application/forms/Install.php:100
msgid "Site Copyright Information"
msgstr "Informații privind drepturile de autor pentru acest site"
#: application/forms/GeneralSettings.php:46 application/forms/Install.php:104
msgid "Site Author Information"
msgstr "Informații privind autorul siteului"
#: application/forms/GeneralSettings.php:50 application/forms/Install.php:108
msgid "Tag Delimiter"
msgstr "Delimitator între etichete"
#: application/forms/GeneralSettings.php:51
msgid ""
"Separate tags using this character or string. Be careful when changing this "
"setting. You run the risk of splitting tags that contain the old delimiter."
msgstr ""
"Separă etichetele folosind acest caracter sau șir. Fii atent atunci câns "
"schimbi această setare. Riști să rupi etichete care pot conține vechiul "
"caracter existent."
#: application/forms/GeneralSettings.php:64 application/forms/Install.php:123
msgid "Fullsize Image Size"
msgstr "Imaginea la dimensiune sa reală"
#: application/forms/GeneralSettings.php:65 application/forms/Install.php:124
msgid "Maximum fullsize image size constraint (in pixels)."
msgstr "Limitarea dimensiunii imaginii la expunere integrală (în pixeli)."
#: application/forms/GeneralSettings.php:71 application/forms/Install.php:131
msgid "Thumbnail Size"
msgstr "Imagine timbru"
#: application/forms/GeneralSettings.php:72 application/forms/Install.php:132
msgid "Maximum thumbnail size constraint (in pixels)."
msgstr "Limitarea dimensiunii maxime a imaginii timbru (în pixeli)."
#: application/forms/GeneralSettings.php:78 application/forms/Install.php:139
msgid "Square Thumbnail Size"
msgstr "Imagine timbru în pătrat"
#: application/forms/GeneralSettings.php:79 application/forms/Install.php:140
msgid "Maximum square thumbnail size constraint (in pixels)."
msgstr "Limitarea dimensiunilor imaginii timbru în pătrat (în pixeli)."
#: application/forms/GeneralSettings.php:85 application/forms/Install.php:147
msgid "Items Per Page (admin)"
msgstr "Înregistrări per pagină (administrator)"
#: application/forms/GeneralSettings.php:86 application/forms/Install.php:148
msgid ""
"Limit the number of items displayed per page in the administrative "
msgstr ""
"Limitarea numărului de înregistrări afișate pe o pagină în interfața de "
#: application/forms/GeneralSettings.php:92 application/forms/Install.php:155
msgid "Items Per Page (public)"
msgstr "Înregistrări per pagină (public)"
#: application/forms/GeneralSettings.php:93 application/forms/Install.php:156
msgid "Limit the number of items displayed per page in the public interface."
msgstr ""
"Limitarea numărului de înregistrări afișate per pagină în interfața publică."
#: application/forms/GeneralSettings.php:99 application/forms/Install.php:163
msgid "Show Empty Elements"
msgstr "Arată elementele goale"
#: application/forms/GeneralSettings.php:104
msgid "Enable Prototype"
msgstr "Activează Prototype"
#: application/forms/GeneralSettings.php:106
msgid ""
"Enable the Prototype JavaScript library. This may be required for some older"
" plugins."
msgstr ""
"Activarea bibliotecii JavaScript intitulată Prototype. Aceasta poate fi "
"necesară pentru câteva pluginuri mai vechi."
#: application/forms/GeneralSettings.php:110 application/forms/Install.php:169
msgid "Imagemagick Directory Path"
msgstr "Calea către directorul ImageMagick"
#: application/forms/GeneralSettings.php:114
msgid "Save Settings"
msgstr "Salvează setările"
#: application/forms/Install.php:37
msgid "Only alphanumeric characters are allowed."
msgstr "Sunt permise doar caractere alfanumerice"
#: application/forms/Install.php:43 application/forms/Login.php:34
msgid "Password"
msgstr "Parolă"
#: application/forms/Install.php:44
msgid "Must be at least 6 characters."
msgstr "Cel puțin 6 caractere."
#: application/forms/Install.php:66 application/forms/ResetPassword.php:49
#: application/views/scripts/users/activate.php:19
msgid "Re-type the Password"
msgstr "Reintrodu parola!"
#: application/forms/Install.php:67
msgid "Confirm your password."
msgstr "Confirmă parola."
#: application/forms/Install.php:109
msgid "Separate tags using this character or string."
msgstr "Separă etichetele utilizând acest caracter sau șir."
#: application/forms/Install.php:165
msgid "Whether metadata elements with no text will be displayed."
msgstr "Afișarea elementelor de metadate fără text"
#: application/forms/Install.php:180
msgid "Default Superuser Account"
msgstr "Contul Superuser implicit"
#: application/forms/Install.php:190
msgid "Site Settings"
msgstr "Setările siteului"
#: application/forms/Login.php:32
msgid "Username cannot be empty."
msgstr "Numele de utilizator nu poate fi gol."
#: application/forms/Login.php:41
msgid "Password cannot be empty."
msgstr "Introdu o parolă!"
#: application/forms/Login.php:42
msgid "Remember Me?"
msgstr "Ține-mă minte!"
#: application/forms/Login.php:44 application/views/scripts/users/login.php:3
msgid "Log In"
msgstr "Login"
#: application/forms/RecoverPassword.php:41
msgid "Email address is required."
msgstr "Este necesară o adresă de email"
#: application/forms/RecoverPassword.php:51
msgid "Invalid email address given."
msgstr "Ai introdus o adresă email greșită."
#: application/forms/RecoverPassword.php:53
msgid "Invalid format given for email address."
msgstr "Format nepermis pentru email"
#: application/forms/RecoverPassword.php:55
msgid "Invalid hostname given for email address."
msgstr "Nume de host nepermis pentru email."
#: application/forms/RecoverPassword.php:73
msgid "Invalid email address"
msgstr "Adresă email nepermisă ca și combinație"
#: application/forms/ResetPassword.php:28
#: application/views/scripts/users/activate.php:13
msgid "Create a Password"
msgstr "Pune o parolă!"
#: application/forms/ResetPassword.php:32
msgid "Password is required."
msgstr "Este nevoie de o parolă."
#: application/forms/ResetPassword.php:38
msgid "Typed passwords do not match."
msgstr "Parolele introduse nu se potrivesc."
#: application/forms/SecuritySettings.php:27
msgid "Disable File Upload Validation"
msgstr "Dezactivează validarea la momentul încărcării fișierelor"
#: application/forms/SecuritySettings.php:29
msgid ""
"Check this field if you would like to allow any file to be uploaded to "
msgstr ""
"Bifează acest câmp dacă dorești să permiți orice fel de fișier să fie "
#: application/forms/SecuritySettings.php:35
msgid "Allowed File Extensions"
msgstr "Extensii de fișier care sunt permise"
#: application/forms/SecuritySettings.php:36
msgid "List of allowed extensions for file uploads."
msgstr "Lista extensiilor permise"
#: application/forms/SecuritySettings.php:45
msgid "Allowed File Types"
msgstr "Tipuri de fișiere permise"
#: application/forms/SecuritySettings.php:46
msgid "List of allowed MIME types for file uploads"
msgstr "Lista de MIME types permise la încărcare"
#: application/forms/SecuritySettings.php:55
msgid "ReCaptcha Public Key"
msgstr "Cheie Publică ReCaptcha"
#: application/forms/SecuritySettings.php:56
msgid ""
"Public key from Both this and the private key must be filled "
"in to secure public forms."
msgstr ""
"Cheie publică de la Împreună cu, cheia privată trebuie "
"introduse pentru a securiza formularele din zona publică."
#: application/forms/SecuritySettings.php:63
msgid "ReCaptcha Private Key"
msgstr "Cheia privată ReCaptcha"
#: application/forms/SecuritySettings.php:64
msgid ""
"Private key from Both this and the public key must be filled "
"in to secure public forms."
msgstr ""
"Cheie privată de la Aceasta împreună cu, cheia publică "
"trebuie introduse în formulare publice securizate."
#: application/forms/User.php:35
msgid "Username is required."
msgstr "Este necesar numele utilizatorului."
#: application/forms/User.php:43
msgid "Username must contain only letters and numbers."
msgstr "Numele utilizatorului trebuie să conțină doar litere și cifre."
#: application/forms/User.php:53
msgid "Username must be at least %min% characters long."
msgstr "Numele utilizatorului trebuie să fie de cel puțin %min% caractere."
#: application/forms/User.php:55
msgid "Username must be at most %max% characters long."
msgstr "Numele utilizatorului trebuie să fie de maxim %max% caractere."
#: application/forms/User.php:69
msgid "This username is already in use."
msgstr "Acest nume de utilizator este deja în uz."
#: application/forms/User.php:84
msgid "First name is required."
msgstr "Este necesar numele."
#: application/forms/User.php:97
msgid "Last name is required."
msgstr "Este necesar prenumele."
#: application/forms/User.php:103
msgid "This email address is invalid."
msgstr "Această adresă de email este nevalidă."
#: application/forms/User.php:111
msgid "Email is required."
msgstr "Este necesară o adresă de email."
#: application/forms/User.php:130
msgid "This email address is already in use."
msgstr "Acest email este deja folosit."
#: application/forms/User.php:151
msgid "Active?"
msgstr "Activ?"
#: application/helpers/AssetFunctions.php:270
#: application/helpers/AssetFunctions.php:289
#, php-format
msgid "Could not find file %s!"
msgstr "Nu pot găsi fișierul %s!"
#: application/helpers/CollectionFunctions.php:58
#, php-format
msgid "%s does not exist for collections!"
msgstr "%s nu există pentru colecții!"
#: application/helpers/CollectionFunctions.php:123
msgid "Featured Collection"
msgstr "Colecții constituite"
#: application/helpers/CollectionFunctions.php:131
msgid "No featured collections are available."
msgstr "Nu există colecții constituite."
#: application/helpers/ElementForm.php:50
msgid "Add Input"
msgstr "Adaugă date"
#: application/helpers/ElementForm.php:286
#, php-format
msgid "Cannot display a form input for \"%s\" if element type name is not given!"
msgstr ""
"Nu pot datele din formular pentru \"%s\" dacă tipul de element nu este dat!"
#: application/helpers/ElementForm.php:346
msgid "From"
msgstr "De la"
#: application/helpers/ElementForm.php:349
msgid "To"
msgstr "Lui"
#: application/helpers/ElementForm.php:369
msgid "Use HTML"
msgstr "Folosește HTML-ul"
#: application/helpers/FileMetadata.php:98
#, php-format
msgid "%s is an invalid special value."
msgstr "%s este o valoare specială nevalidă."
#: application/helpers/FormFunctions.php:135
msgid "Select Below "
msgstr "Selectează de mai jos"
#: application/helpers/FormFunctions.php:245
#: application/helpers/FormFunctions.php:533
#: application/views/scripts/users/forgot-password.php:18
msgid "Submit"
msgstr "Trimite"
#: application/helpers/Functions.php:53
msgid "Omeka RSS Feed"
msgstr "Flux RSS Omeka"
#: application/helpers/Functions.php:54
msgid "Omeka Atom Feed"
msgstr "Flux Atom Omeka"
#: application/helpers/Functions.php:200
msgid "Error: Invalid callback was provided for the loop."
msgstr "Eroare: Invalid callback was provided for the loop."
#: application/helpers/ItemFunctions.php:58
msgid "Featured Item"
msgstr "Înregistrări constituite"
#: application/helpers/ItemFunctions.php:73
msgid ""
"An item has not been set to be displayed on this theme page! Please see "
"Omeka documentation for details."
msgstr ""
"O anumită înregistrare nu a fost setată pentru a fi afișată pe această "
"pagină de temă. Vezi documentația Omeka pentru mai multe detalii."
#: application/helpers/ItemFunctions.php:571
msgid "No featured items are available."
msgstr "Nu sunt disponibile înregistrări constituite."
#: application/helpers/ItemMetadata.php:86
#, php-format
msgid "'%s' is an invalid special value."
msgstr "'%s' este o valoare specială nevalidă"
#: application/helpers/LinkFunctions.php:43
msgid "View"
msgstr "Vezi"
#: application/helpers/LinkFunctions.php:208
msgid "RSS"
msgstr "RSS"
#: application/helpers/LinkFunctions.php:225
msgid "Next Item &rarr;"
msgstr "Următoarea înregistrare &rarr;"
#: application/helpers/LinkFunctions.php:241
msgid "&larr; Previous Item"
msgstr "&larr; Înregistrarea anterioară"
#: application/helpers/LinkFunctions.php:530
msgid "Atom"
msgstr "Atom"
#: application/helpers/TagFunctions.php:133
msgid "No tags are available."
msgstr "Nu există etichete."
#: application/libraries/Omeka/View/Helper/RecordMetadataList.php:91
msgid "[no text]"
msgstr "[nu este text]"
#: application/models/ActsAsElementText.php:257
#, php-format
msgid "Cannot find an element with an ID of '%s'!"
msgstr "Nu pot găsi un element cu un ID de „%s”!"
#: application/models/ActsAsElementText.php:314
#, php-format
msgid ""
"Element name is ambiguous! There is more than one element set containing an "
"element named \"%s\"!"
msgstr ""
"Numele elementului este ambiguu! Există mai multe seturi care conțin un "
"element denumit „%s”!"
#: application/models/ActsAsElementText.php:317
#: application/models/ActsAsElementText.php:324
#, php-format
msgid "There is no element named \"%s\"!"
msgstr "Nu există niciun element intitulat \"%s\"!"
#: application/models/ActsAsElementText.php:328
#, php-format
msgid "There is no element named \"%1$s\" in the set named \"%2$s\"!"
msgstr "Nu există niciun element intitulat \"%1$s\" în setul denumit \"%2$s\"!"
#: application/models/ActsAsElementText.php:484
msgid "Element texts are not formatted correctly!"
msgstr "Textele cuprinse în elemente nu sunt formatate corepunzător!"
#: application/models/ActsAsElementText.php:647
#, php-format
msgid "Cannot process form input for element with data type \"%s\"!"
msgstr ""
"Nu pot procesa datele introduse pentru elementul cu tipul de date „%s”!"
#: application/models/ActsAsElementText.php:662
#, php-format
msgid "The \"%s\" field has at least one invalid value!"
msgstr "Câmpul \"%s\" are cel puțin o valoare nevalidă!"
#: application/models/ActsAsElementText.php:695
#, php-format
msgid "Cannot validate an element of data type \"%s\"!"
msgstr "Nu pot valida un element cu un tip de date \"%s\"!"
#: application/models/ActsAsElementText.php:735
msgid "Cannot save element text for records that are not yet persistent!"
msgstr ""
"Nu pot salva textul elementului pentru înregistrările care nu sunt încă "
#: application/models/Collection.php:107
msgid "Collectors must be either a string or an array."
msgstr "Culegătorii trebuie să fie ori un string, ori un tablou."
#: application/models/Collection.php:148
#, php-format
msgid "The collection name must have between %1$s and %2$s characters."
msgstr "Numele colecției trebuie să fie între %1$s și %2$s caractere."
#: application/models/Collection.php:198
msgid ""
"Argument passed to addCollector() must be a string or an instance of Entity."
msgstr ""
"Argumentul pasat lui addCollector() trebuie să fie un string sau o instanță "
"a lui Entity."
#: application/models/Collection.php:230
msgid "Cannot associate the collection with an unsaved user."
msgstr "Nu pot asocia colecția cu un utilizator nesalvat."
#: application/models/CollectionPermissions.php:37
msgid "Invalid query provided to CollectionPermissions check"
msgstr "Interogare nevalidă trimisă lui CollectionPermission check"
#: application/models/DataTypeTable.php:31
#, php-format
msgid "Cannot find id from DataType name: %s"
msgstr "Nu pot găsi id de la DataType name: %s"
#: application/models/Element.php:180
msgid "Name must not be empty!"
msgstr "Numele nu trebuie să fie gol!"
#: application/models/Element.php:184
msgid "Element must have a valid data type!"
msgstr "Elementul trebuie să aibe un tip de date valid!"
#: application/models/Element.php:188
msgid "Element must have a valid record type!"
msgstr "Elementul trebuie să aibe un tip de înregistrare valid!"
#: application/models/Element.php:193
#, php-format
msgid "%1$s already exists for element set #%2$s"
msgstr "%1$s deja există pentru setul de elemente #%2$s"
#: application/models/Element.php:252
#, php-format
msgid "Cannot set element set ID: set named \"%s\" does not exist."
msgstr "Nu pot seta ID-ul setului de elemente: setul denumit \"%s\" nu există."
#: application/models/ElementSet.php:119
msgid "Name of element set must be unique."
msgstr "Numele elementului trebuie să fie unic."
#: application/models/ElementSet.php:123
msgid "Name of element set must not be empty."
msgstr "Numele elementului nu trebuie să fie gol."
#: application/models/EntitiesRelations.php:29
msgid "Joins in the EntitiesRelations table must be given a polymorphic type"
msgstr ""
"Joinurile din tabelul EntitiesRelations trebuie să primească un tip "
#: application/models/EntitiesRelations.php:33
msgid "Joins in the EntitiesRelations table must be filled out entirely"
msgstr ""
"Joinurile din tabelul EntitiesRelations trebuie să fie completate integral"
#: application/models/Entity.php:37
msgid "The email address provided is not valid."
msgstr "Adresa de email introdusă nu este validă."
#: application/models/Entity.php:41
msgid "The name for a person may not be completely blank."
msgstr "Numele persoanei nu trebuie să fie gol."
#: application/models/Entity.php:134
msgid "Both of these Entities must be persistent in order to merge them."
msgstr "Aceste Entities trebuie să fie fixate pentru a le fuziona."
#: application/models/File.php:109
msgid "Cannot get the local path for a stored file."
msgstr "Nu pot obține calea locală pentru un fișier introdus."
#: application/models/Item.php:284
msgid ""
"Files cannot be attached to an item that is not persistent in the database!"
msgstr ""
"Fișierele nu pot fi atașate unei înregistrări care nu este fixată în baza de"
" date!"
#: application/models/Item.php:398
msgid "Cannot add an existing file to an item!"
msgstr "Nu pot adăuga un fișier existent unei înregistrări!"
#: application/models/Item.php:402
msgid "File must be valid before it can be associated with an item!"
msgstr ""
"Fișierul trebuie să fie valid înainte de a-l asocia unei înregistrări!"
#: application/models/ItemBuilder.php:141
msgid "Cannot add tags to an item if no Entity is available to tag."
msgstr ""
"Nu pot adăuga etichete unei înregistrări dacă nu este disponibil niciun "
"Entity pentru a-l eticheta."
#: application/models/ItemBuilder.php:265
msgid "Must specify a file transfer type when attaching files to an item!"
msgstr ""
"Trebuie specificat un transfer de fișiere atunci când atașăm fișiere unei "
#: application/models/ItemPermissions.php:34
#, php-format
msgid ""
"This SQL statement needs a FROM or JOIN clause equivalent to '%s i' in order"
" to have permissions checked!"
msgstr ""
"Această declarație SQL are nevoie de clauzele FROM sau JOIN echivalente lui "
"„%s” pentru ca să aibe permisiunea bifată!"
#: application/models/ItemSearch.php:98
msgid "Invalid search type given!"
msgstr "A fost introdus un tip nevalid pentru căutare!"
#: application/models/ItemType.php:83
#, php-format
msgid "The item type name must have between %1$s and %2$s characters."
msgstr "Tipul de înregistrare trebuie să aibe între %1$s și %2$s caractere."
#: application/models/ItemType.php:87
msgid "The item type name must be unique."
msgstr "Tipul de înregistrare trebuie să fie unic."
#: application/models/ItemType.php:175
msgid "There are too many values in the element ordering array."
msgstr "Sunt prea multe valori în tabloul de ordonare a elementelor."
#: application/models/ItemType.php:177
msgid "There are too few values in the element ordering array."
msgstr "Sunt prea puține valori în tabloul de ordonare al elementelor."
#: application/models/ItemType.php:221
msgid ""
"Invalid element data. To add elements, you must either pass an element "
"objects or an array of element metadata."
msgstr ""
"Date ale elementului nevalide. Pentru a adăuga elemente, trebuie fie să "
"pasezi obiectele unui element sau un tablou cuprinzând metadatele "
#: application/models/ItemType.php:285
msgid ""
"Cannot remove elements from an item type that is not persistent in the "
msgstr ""
"Nu pot elimina elementele dintr-un tip de înregistrări care nu sunt fixate "
"în baza de date!"
#: application/models/ItemType.php:294
#, php-format
msgid "Cannot find element with ID %s!"
msgstr "Nu pot găsi elementul cu ID-ul %s!"
#: application/models/ItemType.php:337
#, php-format
msgid "Item type does not contain an element with the ID %s!"
msgstr "Tipul de element nu conține un element care are ID-ul %s!"
#: application/models/ItemType.php:362
msgid ""
"Invalid parameter. The hasElement function requires either an element object"
" or an element id to determine if an item type has an element."
msgstr ""
"Parametru nevalid. Funcția hasElement necesită, fie un element obiect sau in"
" id de element pentru a determina dacă o înregistrare are un element."
#: application/models/Option.php:28 application/models/Option.php:32
msgid "Each option must have a unique name."
msgstr "Fiecare opțiune trebui să aibe un nume unic."
#: application/models/Orderable.php:101
msgid "Cannot add a child to a record that does not exist yet!"
msgstr "Nu poți adăuga un copil la o înregistrare care nu există încă!"
#: application/models/Orderable.php:105
#, php-format
msgid "Child must be an instance of \"%s\""
msgstr "Copilul trebuie să fie o instanță a lui \"%s\""
#: application/models/Plugin.php:94
msgid "Names of plugins must not be blank"
msgstr "Numele pluginurilor nu trebuie să fie goale"
#: application/models/Relatable.php:158
msgid "Invalid entity provided!"
msgstr "Entitate nevalidă!"
#: application/models/Relatable.php:169
#, php-format
msgid "Relationship called %s does not exist."
msgstr "Relația %s apelată nu poate fi setată."
#: application/models/Relatable.php:222
msgid "Record must exist before relations can be set."
msgstr "Înregistrarea trebuie să existe înainte de a seta relațiile."
#: application/models/Tag.php:58
msgid "Tags must be given a name."
msgstr "Etichetele au nevoie de un nume."
#: application/models/Tag.php:62
msgid "That name is already taken for this tag."
msgstr "Acest nume este deja pus."
#: application/models/Taggable.php:195
msgid "A valid record ID # must be provided when tagging."
msgstr "Un ID valid # trebuie introdus la momentul etichetării."
#: application/models/Taggable.php:199
msgid "A valid entity or user must be provided when tagging."
msgstr ""
"Trebuie introdusă o entitate validă sau un utilizator când etichetezi."
#: application/models/User.php:63
msgid "No Entity record available."
msgstr "Nicio informație despre entitate."
#: application/models/User.php:75
msgid "No Entity record is available when saving this User."
msgstr ""
"Nicio informație despre entitate nu a existat la salvarea acestui "
#: application/models/User.php:92
msgid "User may not change permissions to super-user"
msgstr ""
"Utilizatorul nu poate modifica permisiunile pentru a deveni super-user"
#: application/models/User.php:95
msgid "User may not change roles."
msgstr "Utilizatorul nu poate schimba rolurile."
#: application/models/User.php:153
msgid ""
"If a first name and last name are not provided, then an institution name is "
msgstr ""
"Dacă nu sunt introduse numele și prenumele, atunci numele instituției este "
#: application/models/User.php:156
msgid "A first name is required."
msgstr "Este necesar numele."
#: application/models/User.php:159
msgid "A last name is required."
msgstr "Este necesar prenumele."
#: application/models/User.php:175
msgid "The user must be assigned a role."
msgstr "Utilizatorului trebuie să i se dea un rol."
#: application/models/User.php:180
#, php-format
msgid "The username \"%1$s\" must be between %2$s and %3$s characters."
msgstr ""
"Numele utilizatorului \"%1$s\" trebuie să fie între %2$s și %3$s caractere."
#: application/models/User.php:182
msgid "The username must be alphanumeric."
msgstr "Numele utilizatorului trebuie să fie alfanumeric."
#: application/models/User.php:184
#, php-format
msgid "'%s' is already in use. Please choose another username."
msgstr "„%s” este deja utilizat. Alege alt nume de utilizator."
#: application/models/UsersActivations.php:31
msgid "Cannot create a user activation for non-existent user."
msgstr "Nu pot crea o activare de utilizator pentru unul care nu există."
#: application/views/scripts/collections/browse.php:21
#: application/views/scripts/collections/show.php:13
msgid "Collector(s)"
msgstr "Culegător(i)"
#: application/views/scripts/collections/browse.php:28
#: application/views/scripts/collections/show.php:22
#, php-format
msgid "View the items in %s"
msgstr "Vezi înregistrările din %s"
#: application/views/scripts/collections/show.php:25
#, php-format
msgid "Items in the %s Collection"
msgstr "Înregistrările din colecția %s"
#: application/views/scripts/common/delete-confirm.php:3
#, php-format
msgid "Delete %s"
msgstr "Șterge %s"
#: application/views/scripts/common/delete-confirm.php:12
msgid "Are you sure?"
msgstr "Ești sigur?"
#: application/views/scripts/common/footer.php:6
msgid "Home"
msgstr "Acasă"
#: application/views/scripts/common/footer.php:14
msgid "Proudly powered by <a href=\"\">Omeka</a>."
msgstr "Motorizat de <a href=\"\">Omeka</a>."
#: application/views/scripts/common/pagination_control.php:7
msgid "First"
msgstr "Primul"
#: application/views/scripts/common/pagination_control.php:14
msgid "Previous"
msgstr "Anterioară"
#: application/views/scripts/common/pagination_control.php:30
msgid "Next"
msgstr "Următoarea"
#: application/views/scripts/common/pagination_control.php:37
msgid "Last"
msgstr "Ultima"
#: application/views/scripts/error/403.php:2
msgid "403 Page Forbidden"
msgstr "403 Pagină interzisă"
#: application/views/scripts/error/403.php:8
msgid "You do not have permission to access this page."
msgstr "Nu ai permisiunea de a accesa această pagină."
#: application/views/scripts/error/404.dc.php:1
#: application/views/scripts/error/404.php:2
#: application/views/scripts/error/404.xml.php:1
msgid "404 Page Not Found"
msgstr "404 Pagină inexistentă"
#: application/views/scripts/error/404.php:7
#, php-format
msgid "%s is not a valid URL."
msgstr "%s nu este un URL valid."
#: application/views/scripts/error/404.rss2.php:1
msgid "Rss2.0 Feed Not Found!"
msgstr "Flux RSS2.0 inexistent!"
#: application/views/scripts/error/405.php:2
msgid "405 Method Not Allowed"
msgstr "405 Metodă nepermisă"
#: application/views/scripts/error/405.php:7
#, php-format
msgid "The method used to access this URL (%s) is not valid."
msgstr "Metoda utilizată pentru a accesa acest URL (%s) nu este validă."
#: application/views/scripts/error/index.php:4
msgid "Omeka has encountered an error"
msgstr "A apărut o eroare"
#: application/views/scripts/error/index.php:29
msgid ""
"To learn how to see more detailed information about this error, see the "
"Omeka Codex page on <a "
"href=\"\">retrieving error "
msgstr ""
"Pentru a vedea mai multe despre această eroare, vezi pagina Omeka Codex la "
"<a href=\"\">găsirea "
"mesajelor de eroare</a>"
#: application/views/scripts/functions.php:131
msgid "Browse All"
msgstr "Treci prin toate"
#: application/views/scripts/functions.php:131
msgid "Browse by Tag"
msgstr "Răsfoiește după etichetă"
#: application/views/scripts/index.php:67
msgid "No recent items available."
msgstr "Nu sunt disponibile înregistrări recente."
#: application/views/scripts/items/advanced-search.php:32
msgid "Search for Keywords"
msgstr "Caută cuvinte cheie"
#: application/views/scripts/items/advanced-search.php:42
msgid "Narrow by Specific Fields"
msgstr "Filtrează după anumite câmpuri"
#: application/views/scripts/items/advanced-search.php:71
msgid "contains"
msgstr "conține"
#: application/views/scripts/items/advanced-search.php:72
msgid "does not contain"
msgstr "nu conține"
#: application/views/scripts/items/advanced-search.php:73
msgid "is exactly"
msgstr "este exact"
#: application/views/scripts/items/advanced-search.php:74
msgid "is empty"
msgstr "este gol"
#: application/views/scripts/items/advanced-search.php:75
msgid "is not empty"
msgstr "nu este gol"
#: application/views/scripts/items/advanced-search.php:86
msgid "Add a Field"
msgstr "Adaugă un câmp"
#: application/views/scripts/items/advanced-search.php:90
msgid "Search by a range of ID#s (example: 1-4, 156, 79)"
msgstr "Caută după o gamă de ID#uri (exemplu: 1-4, 156, 79)"
#: application/views/scripts/items/advanced-search.php:102
msgid "Search By Collection"
msgstr "Caută după colecție"
#: application/views/scripts/items/advanced-search.php:112
msgid "Search By Type"
msgstr "Caută după tip"
#: application/views/scripts/items/advanced-search.php:122
msgid "Search By User"
msgstr "Caută după utilizator"
#: application/views/scripts/items/advanced-search.php:133
msgid "Search By Tags"
msgstr "Caută după etichete"
#: application/views/scripts/items/advanced-search.php:147
msgid "Public/Non-Public"
msgstr "Public/Privat"
#: application/views/scripts/items/advanced-search.php:150
msgid "Only Public Items"
msgstr "Doar înregistrări publice"
#: application/views/scripts/items/advanced-search.php:151
msgid "Only Non-Public Items"
msgstr "Doar înregistrări private"
#: application/views/scripts/items/advanced-search.php:157
msgid "Featured/Non-Featured"
msgstr "Constituite/Neconstituite"
#: application/views/scripts/items/advanced-search.php:160
msgid "Only Featured Items"
msgstr "Doar înregistrări constituite"
#: application/views/scripts/items/advanced-search.php:161
msgid "Only Non-Featured Items"
msgstr "Doar înregistrări neconstituite"
#: application/views/scripts/items/show.php:11
msgid "Files"
msgstr "Fișiere"
#: application/views/scripts/items/show.php:33
msgid "Citation"
msgstr "Citat"
#: application/views/scripts/upgrade/completed.php:5
#: application/views/scripts/upgrade/index.php:5
#: application/views/scripts/upgrade/migrate.php:5
msgid "Upgrade Omeka"
msgstr "Actualizează Omeka"
#: application/views/scripts/upgrade/completed.php:10
msgid "Omeka Upgrade Completed"
msgstr "Actualizare încheiată"
#: application/views/scripts/upgrade/completed.php:11
#, php-format
msgid "Please return to the %1$s or your site&#8217;s %2$s"
msgstr "Întoarce-te la %1$s sau la siteul tău&#8217;s %2$s"
#: application/views/scripts/upgrade/completed.php:11
msgid "Your Omeka database is completely up-to-date."
msgstr "Baza de date Omeka este actualizată"
#: application/views/scripts/upgrade/completed.php:13
#: application/views/scripts/upgrade/migrate.php:18
msgid ""
"If you have any questions please refer to <a "
"href=\"\">Omeka documentation</a> or post a message on"
" the <a href=\"\">Omeka forums</a>."
msgstr ""
"Dacă ai întrebări întreabă pe <a href=\"\">Omeka "
"documentation</a> sau pune un mesaj la <a "
"href=\"\">Omeka forums</a>."
#: application/views/scripts/upgrade/index.php:10
msgid "Upgrade Your Omeka Database"
msgstr "Actualizează baza de date Omeka"
#: application/views/scripts/upgrade/index.php:12
msgid ""
"Your Omeka database is not compatible with your current version of Omeka."
msgstr "Baza ta Omeka nu este compatibilă cu versiunea curentă de Omeka."
#: application/views/scripts/upgrade/index.php:13
msgid ""
"Please back up your existing database and then click the button to upgrade."
msgstr ""
"Fă o copie de siguranță la baza de date și apoi dă click pe actualizare"
#: application/views/scripts/upgrade/index.php:15
msgid "Upgrade Database"
msgstr "Actualizează baza de date"
#: application/views/scripts/upgrade/migrate.php:11
msgid "Omeka encountered an error when upgrading your installation."
msgstr "Omeka a raportat o eroare la actualizarea instalării."
#: application/views/scripts/upgrade/migrate.php:16
msgid "Please restore from your database backup and try again."
msgstr "Restaurează baza de date din copia de siguranță și încearcă din nou."
#: application/views/scripts/upgrade/migrate.php:21
msgid "Omeka has upgraded successfully."
msgstr "Omeka s-a actualizat cu succes."
#: application/views/scripts/upgrade/migrate.php:22
msgid "Return to Dashboard"
msgstr "Înapoi la Panoul de operare"
#: application/views/scripts/users/activate.php:2
msgid "User Activation"
msgstr "Activarea utilizatorilor"
#: application/views/scripts/users/forgot-password.php:2
msgid "Forgot Password"
msgstr "Am uitat parola"
#: application/views/scripts/users/forgot-password.php:7
msgid "Back to Log In"
msgstr "Înapoi la login"
#: application/views/scripts/users/forgot-password.php:10
msgid "Enter your email address to retrieve your password."
msgstr "Introdu adresa email pentru a recupera parola."
#: application/views/scripts/users/login.php:9
msgid "Go to Home Page"
msgstr "Mergi la pagina principală"
#: application/views/scripts/users/login.php:9
msgid "Lost your password?"
msgstr "Ți-ai pierdut parola?"
#: install/views/scripts/index/errors.phtml:1
msgid "Installation Error"
msgstr "Eroare de instalare"
#: install/views/scripts/index/errors.phtml:2
msgid ""
"Before installation can continue, the following errors must be resolved:"
msgstr ""
"Înainte de a continua instalarea, trebuie rezolvate următoarele erori:"
#: install/views/scripts/index/fatal-error.phtml:1
msgid "Fatal Error"
msgstr "Eroare capitală"
#: install/views/scripts/index/index.phtml:2
msgid "Installation Warning"
msgstr "Avertisment la instalare"
#: install/views/scripts/index/index.phtml:3
msgid ""
"The following issues will not affect installation, but they may negatively "
"affect the behavior of Omeka:"
msgstr ""
"Următoarele probleme nu vor afecta instalarea, dar vor putea afecta negativ "
"comportamentul softwareului"
#: install/views/scripts/index/index.phtml:13
msgid "Configure Your Site"
msgstr "Configurează siteul"
#: install/views/scripts/index/index.phtml:15
msgid "Form Validation Errors"
msgstr "Erori de validare a datelor din formular"
#: install/views/scripts/index/installed.phtml:1
msgid ""
"Omeka is installed. You may remove the \"install\" directory for security "
msgstr ""
"Omeka s-a instalat. Poți șterge directorul \"install\" din motive de "
#: install/views/scripts/index/installed.phtml:2
msgid "Admin Panel"
msgstr "Panoul de administrare"
#: install/views/scripts/index/installed.phtml:2
msgid "Public Site"
msgstr "Site public"
#: install/views/scripts/layout.phtml:5 install/views/scripts/layout.phtml:9
msgid "Omeka Installation"
msgstr "Instalare Omeka"
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