@zerocrates zerocrates released this Jan 30, 2017 · 158 commits to master since this release

Bugs Fixed

  • Certain sorting options failed on MySQL 5.7 (#684)
  • Tabbing on the admin interface could be broken when loading a page with a fragment specified
  • Unselected record types in the search settings had the wrong IDs (#698, contributed by @paxed)
  • Collections show pages had the wrong title
  • The tag interface showed an incorrect number of total tags (#708, contributed by @luku)
  • HTML 5 video embeds could end with the wrong closing tag (#710, contributed by @luku)
  • The item details toggle didn't work correctly on the first click (#715, contributed by @luku)
  • The API results per page label was associated with the wrong control for accessibility purposes
  • Element texts could be deleted if they were saved multiple times for the same item in a single request
  • Invalid record types on sitewide search could raise a notice (#754)
  • Errors that occurred when uninstalling a plugin were incorrectly hidden from view (#740)
  • Resources loaded in a different order in background jobs than in the web interface (#725)
  • An error occurred when printing the maximum file upload size on the Item form with some locales (like es_CO) (#756)


  • Batch Edit All: Batch editing can now edit an entire search result's worth of items, even if split across several pages (contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • New Item Advanced Search options
    • AND/OR support for combining multiple searches
    • "starts with" and "ends with" search types (#688, contributed by @luku)
    • "matches" regular expression search type (#695, contributed by @Daniel-KM)
    • [No Collection] is now an option for finding items that don't belong to a collection (#693, contributed by @Daniel-KM) (#746)
  • Use Square Thumbnails appearance setting: Admins can now select whether themes use square or "normal" thumbnails by default without editing the theme files (#763)
  • Warnings presented to users when navigating away from pages with unsaved changes (#771, thanks also to @Daniel-KM for #722 and @luku for #753)
  • Additional wider version of admin theme added (#751, contributed by @luku)
  • New autoloader prevents many "white-screen" errors and otherwise consumed error messages from autoloaded files
  • Site title on login page links to public side, not admin (#646, contributed by @miniol)
  • Admin collections show pages now include the list of output formats
  • Improved ARIA labels for accessibility
  • New "display_title" property to simplify getting a title suitable for use in labels and headings
  • User zooming is now enabled for mobile devices in the admin (#718, contributed by @luku)
  • The Item API now allows for simple search
  • Administrators can now allow the id attribute in the HTML Security Settings
  • An option to choose the admin theme is now shown if the user has installed or created an alternative admin theme
  • New ignore_unknown option for metadata() to allow the call to fail silently if Omeka cannot find the Element Set or Element the call refers to (#712)
  • The delete confirmation dialog title is now translatable (#752, contributed by @luku)
  • Mime type detection for "text" filetypes is improved (#757, contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • Improved theme selection admin page display code (#734, contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • Added item_next and item_previous filters for altering Omeka's default "Next Item" and "Previous Item" links (#743)


  • The theme configuration page now redirects back to itself on save, not to the Themes page (#744, contributed by @luku)
  • TinyMCE's validation has been loosened (#727, contributed by @doana)
  • TinyMCE's conversion of "special characters" to HTML entities is restricted to otherwise-invisible whitespace only
  • Shell command names are escaped with escapeshellarg, not escapeshellcmd. In particular, this should improve treatment of paths containing spaces as is common on Windows
  • "Add Input" buttons on element form are now "button" type buttons instead of "submit" type, so they no longer submit the form in the case of some scripting problem
  • Collections no longer attempt to show the "Text" Item Type Metadata element when showing a preview of the items in the collection
  • The red top border on admin content is now simply red instead of being made out of an image
  • The admin record views now check for the specific "delete" privilege before showing the Delete button (this affects only users who alter the default ACL) (#750, contributed by @luku)
  • The installer now checks for the "dom" and "filter" extensions before allowing install (#673)


  • New translations for Bengali (Bangladesh), Basque, and Occitan

External Libraries

  • Zend Framework 1.12.20
  • getID3 1.9.12
  • jQuery 1.12.4
  • TinyMCE 3.5.12

Bundled Plugins

Bundled Themes