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@zerocrates zerocrates released this Mar 25, 2021 · 1 commit to master since this release


  • PHP 8 support
  • Where appropriate, themes can now allow minimal styling (bold, italic, underline) to be preserved in titles
  • Administrators can select the default query type for simple search (#797, contributed by @luku)
  • It's now possible to add files through the API even when the default job dispatcher is non-synchronous
  • HTML head now includes author and copyright meta-tags as set in the admin (#918, contributed by @DBinaghi)
  • Theme header images can now accept a setting for the alt text for the image (#925)
  • New option to move files to storage using copy instead of rename (sometimes useful when files are stored on a separate filesystem) (#934)

Bugs Fixed

  • Shortcodes with no arguments given could behave incorrectly and throw errors on PHP 7.1+
  • Fixed the admin file edit form to correctly apply HTML filtering (#935)
  • Fixed a leftover PHP 7.2 deprecation warning in the YAML component (rarely used)


  • Login forms now use simpler styling to improve appearance with longer text (as in when using some locales)
  • The search reindex process will now continue through errors (#930, contributed by @timstallmann)
  • Allowed size for theme uploads increased to 1 MB

For Developers

  • Omeka_Record_AbstractRecord::delete() now returns true on success (#906)
  • New rich_title property for records
  • The default fallback image for files (the "page" icon) can now be overridden like the type-specific icons by passing * as the type to add_file_fallback_image (#916, contributed by @DBinaghi)
  • tag_attributes now accepts int and float values instead of stripping them (#921)
  • Shortcode arguments are now always an array
  • File uploads can now specify the key order to set file order within an item directly at ingest
  • getID3 updated to 1.9.20
  • HTMLPurifier updated to 4.13.0
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