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Acl/Assert Separate users/edit into 3 pages.
Application/Resource Rework custom homepage routing.
Auth/Adapter Quote identifier in API key query.
Controller add missing api index params to items
Db Add ID support to collection shortcode.
File Fix transparent background for imagick
Filter Set HTML.Trusted for HTMLPurifier.
Form Add version info for new csrf helper components
Http Update docblocks. Ref #270
Job Pheanstalk 2.1.0.
Navigation/Page Remove hard tabs. Issue #468
Output/OmekaXml changed str_replace to preg_replace
Plugin Remove translation calls from plugin loader.
Record API: skip over invalid element texts
Session/SaveHandler Update docblocks. See #270
Storage Add gets/sets to storage classes, fix #550.
Test Fix test storage path doubling.
Validate Fix hex color error message.
View Decouple search filters and search form helpers
Application.php Standardize code.
Captcha.php Updates docblocks. Ref #270
Db.php Add docblocks for global and db files.
Form.php Fix file inputs in Omeka_Forms.
Navigation.php remove unnecessary switch in Omeka_Navigation
Storage.php Updates docblocks. Ref #270
View.php Automatically add view helpers dir for plugins.
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