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Omeka API to CSV Script

This repo includes a Python script which allows users to generate CSV files of the metadata in their Omeka installations. It will retreive the metadata for items, collections, element sets, elements, files, tags, exhibits, and exhibit pages. However, it does not retreive the files themselves. Only the metadata associated with them.


Download the ZIP of the the script from above, or from here

(Alternatively, you can clone this repository.)

Unzip the package somewhere on your local computer.

Open a command-line interface, and navigate to the newly created directory (/PythonOmekaApiToCsv).

Execute the script by entering the following command:


You will now be prompted to enter your Omeka API endpoint

At this point, you are prompted to enter an Omeka API key. If you are using an API key to export non-public material, enter it now. If all of your materials are public, or you only want materials that are public, you may skip this step.

The script will now generate a series of CSV files for each of your resource types within the directory (/PythonOmekaApiToCsv)


This script is based on the which is mantained and was originally developed by Caleb McDaniel, Original code can be found at

This script, as with Caleb's, imports the OmekaClient class from, which is included in the repo. The development repo for the Omeka Client is maintained by Jim Safley, who wrote the original client.