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Omeka S End User documentation. Scroll down for an index and more information
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Omeka S User Manual

Omeka S is a web publication system for universities, galleries, libraries, archives, and museums. It creates a local network of independently curated exhibits sharing a collaboratively built pool of items and their metadata. Watch our screencast for a quick tour of Omeka S

Omeka S is developed alongside Omeka Classic, part of the Omeka family of web publishing platforms.

This repository is the content of the Omeka S User Manual and is best viewed there.

Contributing to the User Manual

For typos, deadlinks, missing images, and other minor matters, please file an issue against this repository.

Additions and significant changes should be created in a branch and submitted as a pull request. Please take the following into consideration when writing documentation:

  • This is documentation for ordinary users, not developers. Please use clear, jargon-free language.
  • Explain every possible step, even the ones which seem obvious. It is better for users to skip a step they've already completed than be confused by a leap they can't follow. Do not assume any prior knowledge of technology on the part of the user for this documentation.
  • Break longer tasks up into short paragraphs or lists.
  • Use illustrative images when needed, especially to indicate which button or link users should engage with.


Section headings should start with H2 (##) and go down to H4. Create sections where it is logical in the documentation structure; they will appear in the left navigation of the documentation (see Pages Management for an example of extensive section use)

Links should be composed as relative to the current file.

Images for a file go into the files directory of the directory in which the file sits (so, for content files, images go into the contentimages directory).

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