@zerocrates zerocrates released this Nov 29, 2018 · 17 commits to develop since this release

Note: Users should update their themes when updating to this release. Several new options and site settings are available which require an updated theme to fully take advantage of. The release includes an updated version of the bundled "default" theme.


  • Private values
    • Users can mark specific values within a resource as private; these values will not be displayed to non-authorized users, whether in the admin UI, on a site, or in the API.
    • Resource templates can now mark a property as having private values by default (but this can always be overridden on a case-by-case basis)
  • Custom thumbnails
    • Users can manually upload and assign images to use as the thumbnail for a resource without having to add them as Media
  • Batch editing and search for users (#1133, contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • Sites can now apply resource template settings to advanced search
    • This includes selectable properties and alternate labels for properties
  • New site block for listing sites (#1305, contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • New option for disabling embedded JSON-LD output
  • "Cancel" buttons throughout the admin UI
  • "Reset" button for advanced search pages
  • Visual improvements to the default front page list of sites
  • Sites now have a "summary" field that will/can be displayed when listing sites
  • Inactive status of users is more clearly indicated in the admin UI (contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • Advanced search for resources now allows filtering by resource template
  • "Site pool" advanced search option removed from several search forms where it didn't make sense
  • Public advanced search item set dropdown no longer includes owning users' emails by default
  • Improved asset filtering
  • Users can specify the format of a vocabulary file when importing (#1315)
  • Users can import a vocabulary file directly from a URL instead of uploading
  • Sorting control added to public browse views
  • An ID can be directly provided when searching for items to attach to a value in resource edit

Bugs Fixed

  • The site_pages API endpoint could return a fatal PHP error when a page included an attachment with a missing or private resource attached (#1290)
  • The "filter by property" selector for related resources caused an error (#1304, fix contributed by @kloor)
  • An exception could occur on install when checking random number generation capabilities of the server (fix contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • Exceptions did not throw correctly with certain invalid configuration settings (fix contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • Some text was not properly escaped on the resource template form (#1321)
  • Sorting options for sites performed incorrectly
  • The id parameter was insecurely handled when filtering resources for search


  • "Identifier" (from Dublin Core) is now one of the default sorting options on resource browse pages
  • Multiline text inputs in the admin UI have an increased maximum height for resizing
  • The "View" button on the main site edit page is removed (the view link still is visible always on the left nav)
  • The "View" button when editing a site page now opens in a new tab/window

Changes for Developers

  • Updates to user edit form to work better without a current user (contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • Miscellaneous cleaning and updating of code standards (many changes contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • Unused hideVocabulary option for displayValues removed (#1298)
  • New options for audio and video file renderers for specifying standard attributes
  • New view.sort-selector filter for modifying sorting options displayed to users on browse pages
  • New view_helper.media.render_options filter for modifying options passed to media renderers
  • New status view helper for checking if the current page is admin, public, or in the API.
  • The time and cnt vocabulary prefixes are no longer reserved by Omeka S


  • New translations for Spanish (Latin America) (es_419), and Italian
  • Updates to existing translations
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