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@zerocrates zerocrates released this Apr 9, 2019 · 49 commits to develop since this release


  • PHP 7.3 support
  • Significant performance improvement for browse pages when sorting
  • The public-side user bar now includes links to admin-side browse and edit views for the resource or page the user is currently viewing (contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • Users can select a "home" page for a site without that page having to be first in the navigation (or in the navigation at all)
  • SVG files are now accepted by the "asset" upload form for use as logos or thumbnails (contributed by @jaredhowland)
  • Users can now specify the desired language of labels and comments to extract from a linked data vocabulary file when importing it (useful for files containing the labels in several languages)
  • Configurable password requirements
  • Optimized usages of view helpers in many views (contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • New sort_by parameter value random for random retrieval of resources (contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • "NoThumbnailer" configuration option for thumbnailer to explicitly disable thumbnail generation (contributed by @symac)
  • Added a count of media to the admin item show (contributed by @symac)

Bugs Fixed

  • Attempting to list the registered services for a manager could return the wrong results (#1355)
  • The Omeka S JSON-LD context file failed validation by some services (#1249)
  • Filtering by ID in the attach UI for site pages was not "sticky" (and caused an associated PHP notice)
  • Custom filtering in the attach UI for site pages did not correctly apply after user input (#1384)
  • Accessible labeling for the item select sidebar "expand/collapse" toggle could be incorrect
  • Pagination controls functioned improperly when the query specified a custom per_page (#1382)
  • Public item set browse did not respect the heading and body property settings for a site (#1378)
  • Internal resource link values with a specific type lacked the correct styling when displayed (#1369)
  • Missing translation of property labels when viewing linked resources (#1394, fix contributed by @ManOnDaMoon)
  • Missing translations in site admin (fix contributed by @Daniel-KM)


  • Modules are now loaded in alphabetical order (contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • Quick filters no longer maintain the user on the same page of the browse when activated
  • Longform text inputs no longer have a maximum height
  • External URI "link" values open in a new tab/window
  • The installer will check for the mbstring and fileinfo extensions

For Developers

  • Ingesting of media files is now simpler, with a single method responsible for validation, thumbnailing, metadata extraction and storage
  • New media.ingest_file.pre and events. The "pre" event provides access to a file before it is stored.
  • New logger view helper for simple access to logging within views (contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • Gulp tasks targeting modules can now omit the module name if run from within the module's folder. Providing a module name manually is still possible, though the parameter should now be --module-name (needed to support newer Node versions)
  • Form element info can contain HTML by setting the escape_info option to false


  • Added translations for German (de_DE), Hungarian (hu_HU), Korean (ko_KR)
  • Updates to all existing translations
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