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@zerocrates zerocrates released this Aug 8, 2019 · 20 commits to develop since this release

Please read: note for users upgrading

You must upgrade your modules and themes when updating to Omeka S 2.0.0. The download package of Omeka S includes an updated copy of the default theme, but please download updated modules and themes from upon upgrading.

Changed system requirements

  • The minimum required version of PHP is now 7.1
  • The minimum required version of MySQL is now 5.6.4


  • Full-text, cross-resource search Omeka S 2.0.0 adds a new search index using MySQL's built-in full-text indexing capability. Improvements and features include:
    • Performance: the preexisting default search bar for both the admin and public sides used a "wildcard" search which could not be indexed, leading to potential extreme search slowness with larger databases
    • Results across resources: the standard search in Omeka S 1.x only covered "resources" (items, item sets, and media) and required users to select which type of result they were searching for (or simply only supported Items). The new search in Omeka S 2 can present a snapshot of results of all types of records together, with links to the familiar "full" browse pages for results from each type.
    • Results beyond resources: the new search allows for indexing of more types of data from an Omeka S site. In this release, the additional data is data from Pages, meaning that users can now search on the text content of Omeka S sites and not just the metadata of the resources.
    • Additional query options: the fulltext engine allows the search to offer familiar searching options like searching for scattered keywords (this is the default for the fulltext search) and using quotation marks to search for exact phrases
  • Configurable resource title and description properties
    • Prior versions of Omeka S have a feature allowing sites to select the property to be used when the system displays the title or description of a resource. This feature works, but has limitations: it doesn't work well when mixing different types of resources that use different properties, it doesn't apply on the admin side, and it doesn't affect things like sorting by title.
    • Omeka S 2.0.0 introduces new settings for resource templates that allow users to select which property will be used for title and/or description for resources using that template. Omeka S can then use that customized title/description everywhere, including on the admin interface and in parts of the public sites beyond just browse pages. This feature also allows for more efficient and accurate sorting by title, as well as the next-listed feature..
  • Search results (for both the fulltext and "legacy" search paths) can now also match against the titles of linked resources
  • Improved performance of queries to count results (this encompasses most "browse" type queries since they almost all present a count of total results)
  • A new general settings option allows administrators to change the default visibility for newly-created content to Private (contributed by @ManOnDaMoon)
  • A new batch editing option allows users to change the visibility of existing values
  • Users can specify custom sorting to override the admin-defined order of item sets for a site (#1426, contributed by @pols12 )
  • Jobs can now be filtered by status (contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • Added "skip navigation" accessibility link to admin interface
  • Improved case-folding and sort order of locale selection in settings

Bugs Fixed

  • Some translation strings were missing and incorrect (#1396, contributed by @ManOnDaMoon)
  • It was not possible to delete users that were the "owners" of sites (#1398)
  • An incorrect configuration existed in the database configuration for resource templates (contributed by @kloor)
  • Batch editing could sometimes cause "A new entity was found" errors from Doctrine (#1415)
  • A confusing error was displayed when the current theme could not be loaded
  • A closing heading tag was missing from some block layouts with certain settings selected (contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • Color profile information was discarded when creating thumbnails of images using the GD thumbnailer (#1421, contributed by @Daniel-KM)


  • To improve performance on larger database, the pages for properties and resource classes no longer include the counts of items using each property or class directly on the page; instead they are presented on the details sidebar (and so are viewed one-at-a-time) (contributed by @kloor)
  • The "environment" checks (for minimum versions of PHP, MySQL, etc.) are now performed on the upgrade/migrate screen in addition to the installer, to account for changes in Omeka S's requirements
  • Direct migration/upgrade from the pre 1.0 alphas and betas is no longer available

For Developers

  • Omeka S now uses the 2.6 branch of Doctrine
  • Doctrine LifecycleEventArgs are now passed to "entity" events
  • New methods added to API adapters, block layouts, and data types to account for new fulltext indexing


  • Updates to all languages
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