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@zerocrates zerocrates released this Jan 28, 2020 · 2 commits to develop since this release


  • PHP 7.4 support
  • New "center" option for Media embed block in site pages
  • Users can now specify custom RDF properties to use as labels and comments for properties when importing a vocabulary
  • Media can now be filtered and sorted by media (MIME) type

Bugs Fixed

  • Resources with very large numbers of values and other data could fail to save and instead show a CSRF error because of exceeding the PHP max_input_vars limit. (#1330)
  • The default browse view did not correctly escape the descriptions of items (#1492, contributed by @fukuchi)
  • Editor users did not have access to the batch editing features (#1313)
  • Importing from RDF vocabularies where properties have multiple types could fail to import some or all properties (contributed by @psalido)
  • Occasional incorrect sizing of the thumbnail for the current selected theme
  • The search input did not have an accessible label (#1466)
  • Using an invalid URL for a site page caused a "white screen" error instead of a 404 page (#1469)
  • The default whitelist of filetypes now includes the types for Microsoft Office "Open XML" files (docx, etc.) and JPEG2000 images. These were previously in the default extension whitelist but not the type whitelist so these were being blocked by default. (#1467)
  • Non-configurable themes displayed the "Configure" UI and caused an error when users tried to use it (#1451)
  • The "In site pool" search option was displayed in the site pool configuration page, even though it is nonfunctional there (#1461)
  • Closed but non-private item sets could not be selected in a site's item set configuration page (#1476)
  • The "item with metadata" block did not always correctly use the full width of the page
  • The "item with metadata" block showed the UI for selecting a particular media and creating a caption, but neither of those options are used by the block (#1483)


  • Rewording of blocks and options in site pages to clarify differences between blocks
  • The "List of Sites" block now excludes the current site from the list. A new block option allows users to turn this feature off and include the current site in the list.
  • Simplified and restyled the interface for selecting item sets for a site, particularly to improve the experience when selecting many sets
  • Always display "View" link to admin side on public user bar, even when also showing Edit link (contributed by @Daniel-KM)

For Developers

  • New "rep.resource.values" event for filtering the retrieved values for a resource (contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • New "rep.resource.title" event for filtering the title for a resource (contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • New media_type API filter and sort parameters for media
  • Styles for blocks are now provided by the Omeka S core and do not need to be included in themes


  • Translation strings with multiple %s placeholders now uniformly use the numbered %1$s style, allowing translators to reorder the placeholders when necessary
  • Updates to all languages
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