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Releases: omeka/Omeka


24 Mar 18:47
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  • Fixed the "advanced search" options box appearing when it shouldn't have on the public side
  • Fixed the public.css styles to load only in public themes, not on the admin
  • Fixed collections/show to match other views in how it decides when to show thumbnails
  • Fixed bugs that triggered deprecation notices in some situations when running on PHP 8.1+
  • Allowed file uploads to proceed when running on servers that disable PHP's shell execution functions on PHP 8+
  • Added IDs to more easily target advanced search components for CSS
  • Accessibility improvements for search options and labels, sorting indicators, featured/private icons, action links
  • Updated translations for Catalan and Czech
  • Updated Exhibit Builder to 3.6.1, Thanks, Roy to 2.7.1, Seasons to 2.7, and Berlin to 2.7.5


21 Dec 22:43
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Omeka Classic 3.1 is a feature update to the 3.x version series.

This release adds compatibility for PHP 8.1 and 8.2, and the minimum PHP requirement is now increased to 5.6.


  • Added descriptive text for "Show Empty Elements" and "Show Element Set Headings" apperance settings (contributed by @luku)
  • Improved admin theme behavior at narrower screen widths
  • Various accessibility improvements to admin and public views


  • Fixed admin styling for <select multiple> (#968)
  • Fixed default markup for <input type="radio"> in forms (#970)
  • Fixed admin styling for "save group" form elements (#981)
  • Fixed ImageMagick creating inverted-color thumbnails for CMYK PDFs (must have ImageMagick 6.7.5-1 or newer, and set version strategy option accordingly for fix to be applied)
  • Fixed issues with emails being sent improperly on PHP 8+
  • Fixed Zend_Ldap not working on PHP 8+


  • Passing an empty/blank id to form elements and helpers will omit the ID entirely, not output id="" (#701)

For Developers


  • Allowed advanced query for items in the API (contributed by @mw0000)


  • Removed class VersionedDirectoryIterator
  • Added functions record_image_url, queue_lightgallery_assets, lightgallery, lightgallery_other_files
  • Added view helper lightGallery
  • head_css now takes an argument to allow disabling "default" css: this works equivalently to the one that already existed for head_js

External Dependencies

  • Removed Zend Framework components Zend_Amf, Zend_Cloud, Zend_CodeGenerator, Zend_Dojo, Zend_EventManager, Zend_Gdata, Zend_Markup, Zend_Serializer, Zend_Stdlib, Zend_Tag, Zend_TimeSync, Zend_Service_Audioscrobbler, Zend_Service_Console, Zend_Service_Delicious, Zend_Service_Ebay, Zend_Service_LiveDocx, Zend_Service_Rackspace, Zend_Service_SqlAzure, Zend_Service_StrikeIron, Zend_Service_WindowsAzure, Zend_Service_Yahoo
  • Updated getID3 to 1.9.21
  • Updated HTMLPurifier to 4.15.0
  • lightGallery library now included in the core for use by themes

Bundled Add-ons

  • Coins updated to 2.1.1
  • Exhibit Builder updated to 3.6
  • Default (Thanks, Roy) theme updated to 2.7.0
  • Berlin theme updated to 2.7.3


21 Apr 17:28
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  • New translation for Vietnamese
  • Updated translations for German, Slovenian, Ukrainian
  • Updated submodule GitHub URLs to use HTTPS instead of Git protocol
  • Updated Exhibit Builder to 3.5.2


01 Mar 23:16
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  • Fixed some plugins like Simple Pages displaying improperly on the admin interface (#971)
  • Fixed some PHP 8.0 compatibility issues that led to notices and warnings being logged
  • When running PHP 7.2 and greater, the API will no longer produce blank output when a resource includes invalid UTF-8 text
  • Updated bundled Exhibit Builder and Simple Pages plugins
  • Updated translations for French, Japanese, Slovenian, and Turkish


21 Oct 21:00
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  • Updated the bundled themes to fix issues with icons displaying improperly
  • Updated translations


22 Sep 04:41
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  • Refreshed admin UI (initial implementation by @mtedeschi)
  • Accessibility improvements to the admin metadata forms (contributed by @jaguillette)

Bugs Fixed

  • Importing some PDFs could cause an infinite loop


  • The link_file option for the file shortcode now accepts values of 1 and 0 in addition to true and false

For Developers

  • Added admin_files_panel_buttons and admin_files_panel_fields hooks to admin files form (contributed by @DBinaghi)


  • Updated translations for Catalan, Czech, Esperanto, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese (China)


25 Mar 15:31
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  • PHP 8 support
  • Where appropriate, themes can now allow minimal styling (bold, italic, underline) to be preserved in titles
  • Administrators can select the default query type for simple search (#797, contributed by @luku)
  • It's now possible to add files through the API even when the default job dispatcher is non-synchronous
  • HTML head now includes author and copyright meta-tags as set in the admin (#918, contributed by @DBinaghi)
  • Theme header images can now accept a setting for the alt text for the image (#925)
  • New option to move files to storage using copy instead of rename (sometimes useful when files are stored on a separate filesystem) (#934)

Bugs Fixed

  • Shortcodes with no arguments given could behave incorrectly and throw errors on PHP 7.1+
  • Fixed the admin file edit form to correctly apply HTML filtering (#935)
  • Fixed a leftover PHP 7.2 deprecation warning in the YAML component (rarely used)


  • Login forms now use simpler styling to improve appearance with longer text (as in when using some locales)
  • The search reindex process will now continue through errors (#930, contributed by @timstallmann)
  • Allowed size for theme uploads increased to 1 MB

For Developers

  • Omeka_Record_AbstractRecord::delete() now returns true on success (#906)
  • New rich_title property for records
  • The default fallback image for files (the "page" icon) can now be overridden like the type-specific icons by passing * as the type to add_file_fallback_image (#916, contributed by @DBinaghi)
  • tag_attributes now accepts int and float values instead of stripping them (#921)
  • Shortcode arguments are now always an array
  • File uploads can now specify the key order to set file order within an item directly at ingest
  • getID3 updated to 1.9.20
  • HTMLPurifier updated to 4.13.0


28 Jan 20:23
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The minimum required version of PHP is now 5.4.


  • PHP 7.4 support

Bugs Fixed

  • Direct upgrades from significantly old versions could fail on the "unEntityTags" migration
  • Tags could not be deleted through the API
  • The link to the Omeka documentation on error pages referred to the older Omeka site structure
  • Mismatched closing tag on login pages
  • Files with large amounts of embedded metadata could fail when uploading


  • Updates to Catalan, Esperanto, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Albanian, Ukrainian

External Libraries

  • getID3 updated to 1.9.18
  • HTML Purifier updated to 4.12.0
  • Removed Zend_Test_PHPUnit and Zend_Tool components


21 May 20:14
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  • PHP 7.3 compatibility
  • Version notifications for new releases of plugins and themes
  • Omeka now respects the X-Forwarded-Proto header for determining if it should generate http: or https: absolute URLs. This is primarily useful for users hosting Omeka behind a reverse proxy that's handling the HTTPS connections.
    • A new sslTrustProxy configuration key is available for users using the ssl force-redirect configuration to trust the X-Forwarded-Proto header and not issue unnecessary, looping redirects
  • New forceSSL option for ZendS3 storage adapter to force use of https: addresses for file URLs (#877, contributed by @ebellempire)
  • mail.force_from and mail.force_from_name options for forcing From: address for all outgoing email

Bugs Fixed

  • Tag UI javascript error when editing items (#853, contributed by @luku)
  • Inconsistent tag markup for new and existing tags when editing items (#854, contributed by @luku)
  • Deprecation notice when running on PHP 7.2+ (#860, contributed by @Daniel-KM)
  • "Remember me" checkbox on login non-functional on PHP 7.2+ (#872)
  • Invalid SQL mode error when running on MySQL 8 (#858)
  • Migration error when migrating from 1.x using MySQL 5.7+ (#831)
  • item_next and item_prev filters had no way to indicate the end of the sequence (#851)
  • Inconsistent form enctype between collection add and edit forms (#856)
  • items_output_url page detection fails on "items" pages added by plugins, leading to incorrect feed URLs (#880)


  • "Simple" item search converted to use subqueries, leads to a significant observed speed increase on modern MySQL versions
  • Public-side file show page now includes a link back to the parent item
  • "Browse by tag" view for items now sorts tags alphabetically by default
  • New "back to top" link in admin footer
  • ZendS3 storage adapter now leaves slashes unencoded in URLs
  • ZendS3 storage adapter will "chunk" expiration times, allowing for some end-user caching by preventing the URL from changing on every request
  • reCAPTCHA text specifies that v2 keys must be used

For Developers

  • New html_purifier_config_setup filter (#857, contributed by @luku)
  • New image_tag_attributes filter (#871)
  • New files_for_item filter
  • New option filesForItem passed through to file_markup helper to indicate when files are being rendered as part of a call to files_for_item
  • New file_markup_options filter for modifying the options passed to file_markup
  • New file_markup_files filter for modifying the list of files to be rendered by file_markup

Bundled Add-ons

  • Thanks, Roy 2.5.1 (fixed visual spacing issues with featured blocks on homepage)
  • Exhibit Builder 3.4.2 (updated translations)
  • Simple Pages 3.1.2 (updated translations)


  • Updated translations for Bengali, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Esperanto, Spanish, Estonian, French, Galician, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Portuguese (Brazil), Slovak, Serbian, Turkish, Ukrainian


02 May 17:18
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Omeka 2.6.1 is the first maintenance release in the 2.6 series. All users should update.

Security Fixes

  • Added CSRF protection to users/api-keys (#842, reported by @JosiahPierce)
  • Fixed XSS issues with adding and editing tags (reported by Zekvan Arslan of Netsparker)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bottom direct pagination input on admin items browse
  • "Encountered an error" pages now correctly report an HTTP error status code
  • Minor appearance fix to new TinyMCE toolbar


  • Switched Javascript used for in-place editing on tag browse, users may notice slightly different apperance/behavior

Bundled Plugins

Bundled Themes

  • Seasons 2.5.1 (fixes a bug in SASS usage, issues with margins and pagination)