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Cross-platform Realtime-Puzzle Game

We all remember our favorite match three puzzle game. Swap'N'Pop brings it back, but with a new look, new gameplay mechanics, with multiplayer designed for competitive play, integration with Discord and built in ranked ladder.

Project Info

We use Phaser together Electron to be cross-compatible. We recently switched to Typescript since we want to ensure typesafety. Webpack is also used to bundle all our files. Test Code runs through Chai and Sinon.

Current Team

Role Name Site
Developer Omenking
Developer Halfbakedprophet
Developer Cappu
Developer Skytrias
Concept Artist Wish deviantart
Spriter Neweegee deviantart
Spriter Gaem
Spriter RJ
Ui Jash
Music Jaxcheese bandcamp


Please read the how to contribute code page on our gitbook for more info.

There are two package.json files

  • /package.json - the app itself, packaging the app for distribution
  • /app/package.json - additional devtools

To run the latest master branch locally:

  1. clone Swap'N'Pop
  2. npm install (in root)
  3. cd app
  4. npm install
  5. cd ..
  6. npm start

To build a binary for the filesystem you are on use npm dist in root:


More on the project: Gitbook Our official discord server: Discord

Special Thanks

To the data miners over at the TetrisAttackOnline Discord Server.

Seperate Licensing for Creative Content

Our Lead Designer and Game Designer is Wish:

Wish is contributing a theme to our game from their existing content, such as characters, graphics, storyline that are of their own ownership. The MIT liscnese does not apply to these assets and is considered to be All rights reserved by Wish for the time being.

License: MIT Build Status Test

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