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OMEN Bravo / 65C02-based single board computer
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As-easy-as-possible, but still expandable single board computer with 65C02 CPU.

I sell on Tindie

BOM - Needed parts

Issue 4 is available

Issue 3 adds a 6522 VIA circuit. It features:

  • A pair of 8bit parallel ports.
  • Each pin of each port can be individually set to the input or to the output.
  • Serializer (8 bit shift register)
  • A pair of 16bit timer / counter

Issue 4 fixes some problems in the Issue 3 design. See below.

Issue 3 problem fix

Issue 3 board has some design problems, which is fixed in the Issue 4. Issue 3 is fully working, but you have to manual solder:

  • A wire between GND port and a pin 8 of the 74HC138.
  • A 180k resistor parallel to the Q1 (between the CPU pins 3 and 37).
  • A 47pF capacitor between the CPU pins 1 and 3

Issue 3 fixes

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