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Vagrant for DevStack

This projcet holds a Vagrantfile and ansible playbooks, which set up a virtual machine, and run devstack on it.

The goal is, with a single vagrant up command, to fire up a virtual machine, install all the requirements including openstack projects and review patches, and then run devstack.


  1. Clone the project.
  2. Set up a libvirt server
  3. (Optional) Install an SSH public key in common/keys/
  4. Create a local.conf file (Or use some of the examples in common/local.confs)
  5. Add (or update) a machine in directory.conf.yml (See configuration below)
  6. Run: vagrant up <machine name>

Once the VM is set up, it can be accessed using vagrant ssh -p -- -l stack. Other SSH options may follow if desired. devstack will be running within a tmux session. To see it, use tmux attach.


Virtual machines are defined in directory.conf.yml. This is a yaml file with the following structure:

- name: Virtual machine 1
  hypervisor: ...
  ... (See below)
- name: Virtual machine 1
  hypervisor: ...
  ... (See below)

Where a virtual machine is defined with the following properties:

Field Description
name VM name
hypervisor libvirt server object
memory VM memory
vcpus Number of virtual CPUs
box Name of Vagrant box to run.
local_conf_file The local.conf file to take.
projects objects describing installed projects
devstack_version The devstack version to use

The projects objects have the following fields:

Field Description
name The project name (e.g. dragonflow, neutron)
reviews A list of gerrit review numbers to cherry-pick (Optional)
repo The repo from which to git clone (Optional)
version The git version to take (branch, tag, or commit hash) (Optional)

The hypervisor object has two fields:

Field Description
name The server name (will be looked up via DNS)
username The user with which to log in


The virtual machine is provisioned using the devstack.yml ansible playbook. The playbooks used are available in the playbooks folder.