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Art/Painting Generation using AI (Neural Style Transfer) using Tensorflow
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Neural Style Transfer

Neural Style Transfer is a method of creating artistic style images using Deep Neural Networks (Convolutional Neural Networks). This algorithm was created by Gatys et al. (2015) ( Code is adapted from Andrew Ng's Course 'Convolutional Neural Networks".



To run codes

Transfer Learning

"Following the original NST paper (, we will use the VGG network. Specifically, we'll use VGG-19, a 19-layer version of the VGG network. This model has already been trained on the very large ImageNet database, and thus has learned to recognize a variety of low level features (at the earlier layers) and high level features (at the deeper layers)"

Neural Style Transfer Algorithm

  • Calculate the content cost function
  • Calculate the style cost function
  • Put it together to get $J(G) = \alpha J_{content}(C,G) + \beta J_{style}(S,G)$.
  • Create an Interactive Session (tensorflow)
  • Load the content image
  • Load the style image
  • Randomly initialize the image to be generated
  • Load the VGG16 model
  • Build the TensorFlow graph:
  • Run the content image through the VGG16 model and compute the content cost
  • Run the style image through the VGG16 model and compute the style cost
  • Compute the total cost
  • Define the optimizer and the learning rate
  • Initialize the TensorFlow graph and run it for a large number of iterations, updating the generated image at every step.


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