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Docker image cleaner for standalone docker hosts or docker swarm clusters
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Docker Image Cleaner

This container is for standalone docker or docker swarm clusters for cleaning images as a maintenance utility that relays inside as a container. It works with time interval that defaults to 1h and gives a filter list to exclude specific images from being deleted.

To run in a swarm cluster:

sudo docker stack deploy -c deploy/swarm/docker-image-cleaner.yml cleaner

To run in a standalone docker host:

sudo docker-compose -f deploy/standalone/docker-image-cleaner.yml up -d

To run it ad-hoc:

sudo docker run \
  -e FILTER=alpine:latest \
  -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -d omerha/docker-image-cleaner:latest

Configuration environment variables:

  • TIME_INTERVAL=120m (can be s,m,h)
  • FILTER=alpine:latest,your-image:tag (Filter your images you wish to keep on your docker hosts)

Optional environment variables: DOCKER_API_VERSION that now defaults to 1.39

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