Processing Video implementation for Android
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Processing Video implementation for Android

This library tries to expose the same API endpoints as that of processing-video library for PC. The sketch from processing-video library works for Android.


A primitive example :


Capture cap;

void setup() {
  size(720, 1280, P2D);
  cap = new Capture(this, 720, 1280);
  String[] list = Capture.list();
  //Use this to print list of resolutions supported by the camera

void draw() {
  image(cap, 0, 0);

Behind the hood :

The idea is to render camera preview on a SurfaceTexture and as soon as the new frame is received, copy the data from this SurfaceTexture to a custom texure bound to target GL_TEXTURE_2D (Note : We cannot directly render to a texture bound to GL_TEXTURE_2D target, because for the preview to happen, the texture must be bound to GL_TEXTURE_EXTERNAL_OES). This custom texture is then rendered to a PGraphics object. The backing texture of that PGraphics object is then used as the texture cache for our PImage file which stores the video.