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A roguelike text-based RPG game in your terminal ⚔️
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Lair of Xorath

A roguelike, text-based RPG in your terminal

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You stand before the entrance to the lair of Xorath, a demon from the depths of the fire plains who made it his home decades ago next to the peaceful village of Hillsbard, your birthplace...

Will you save save your village or perish at the hands of the demon lord and his servants?


  • full roguelike expereince, keep the items you loot
  • randomly generated lairs every game
  • Flexible class system for adding weapons and monsters
  • d20 inspired combat system
  • Fighting fantasy inspired skill check system
  • Scrathes the fighting itch: 8-15 minutes to beat
  • Session stats at the end of each session


  • Make sure you have python 3.x installed
  • Clone the repo into a folder on your local drive
  • Install the requirements.txt dependencies using pip insall -r requirements.txt
  • run usually by python
  • Enjoy!

Supported Commands

Command Shortcuts Action
Go \ Move [north,south,east,west] n , s , e , w Move in the lair
Reflect r , c Check your hero statistics
Q Quits the game
Help ? Opens the help menu

In memory of Kevin Slattery (1977-2018).

May all your hits be crits

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