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Small demo helm chart with tests that validate the kubernetes yaml files that generated by the templates. The tests are written using kubetest, powerfull tool that let you easily write tests for those files.

Running the tests

Setting up


  • cd demo
  • Generate the files using helm template . -f tests/values.yaml > template.yaml
  • Run the tests using kubetest template.yaml --verbose.

How does it works?

  • the demo/tests/values.yaml file define various values for your template. helm template use this file to generate kuberenetes yaml. You can set here all the various configurations of your templates, and even have multiple values files for different tests.
  • The tests, located at demo/tests/tests.sky running the validation on the configuration files. Take a look at the test, it is pretty simple - testing the the nameOverride from the values.yaml actually used. Feel free to modify the tests and watch it broken.

What missing?

  • Docker file - with all the dependencies, to make it easier to run the tests
  • Add CI to the demo, make it easier to understand how to run the tests