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This is the third official release of OpenOMF, and is meant to be a preview of v0.7 release. Note that this release should still be considered alpha quality. Most of the stuff is somewhat or very buggy :)


  • Gamepad support
  • Single player campaign
  • Scoreboard
  • More HAR moves and fixes
  • AI (still pretty simple)
  • Shadows
  • Other small fixes and corrections


  • You can take screenshots by pressing F1.
  • For hosting network games, you need to open up an UDP port. By default the port is 2097, but it can be changed in config file.
  • If you find a bug and don't tell us about it at our bug tracker (, hungry kittens will eat your candy.
  • Config file and logfile can be found in "%APPDATA%/AnanasGroup/openomf/" (windows) or "~/.local/AnanasGroup/openomf" (linux).


You will need to fetch OMF2097 game resources from and put them somewhere where OpenOMF can find them. Note: you may remove all .EXE, *.DOC, *.TXT, *.MUS, *.PCX, SETUP., and OMF.* files, as well as MASTER.DAT.

  • On windows, extract the resources to "resources/" subdirectory.
  • On linux systems (if you use .deb packages), extract the resources to "/usr/share/openomf" directory.
  • Note that on self compiled packages on linux systems, the resources should be in "../share/openomf". So if your binary is in "/usr/local/bin/", then your resources should be "/usr/local/share/openomf/"

Other notes

  • There will be no MacOSX package, unless somebody shows up on our IRC channel to complain about it :/
  • Our DEB packages are very experimental, and may not always work perfectly. They have only been tested to work on Debian Sid. The package name is currently "openomf-binaries", but it may change in the future.