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Sample Code (in Ruby on Rails + ExtJS) to demonstrate MVC application development proficiency and knowledge.
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Data Modeling, Mixin (Ruby)
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Included in this repository are a number of small code samples intended to demonstrate my proficiency working with various aspects of a typical Ruby on Rails MVC application. Most of the included work relates to work I did at TrueNorth Technology from April thru December, 2013.

In each sub-folder, I've included Markdown-formatted READMEs explaining further each work, with necessary background information and additional details. Where possible, I have referenced the original code commits or actual code repositories, and have included links to outside websites in cases where my work is still in actual use by said clients.

In the case of the DriverBuddy application, I was responsible for roughly 75-80% of the original development work on both the mobile application, and the backend management system. If there is any uncertainty on whether I responsible for something showcased on DriverBuddy's website or demo videos, please feel free to contact me directly via email for more information.


This code sample is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License. In short, you may freely copy and re-distribute this code as you wish, provided attribution is provided back to this GitHub repository and to the license. Commercial use is prohibited, as is any derivative works. This code sample is intended solely to showcase the work style and development skills of its author, Jason Fletcher.

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